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Why souls incarnate on Earth, how life was created and what will happen after it

American engineer and businessman Robert Monroe, learned to regularly leave his physical body and make out-of-body journeys through the astral and other subtle worlds inhabited by our deceased relatives and loved ones, and other spiritual beings. 

Over almost 40 years of travel Monroe learned a lot about life, death and life after it. In many ways, his information coincides with the data obtained by other out-of-body travelers, scientists, doctors and other researchers of the other world.

One of the most captivating chapters of Robert Monroe’s Out-of-Body Journeys book trilogy is devoted to the story of the origin of life on our planet, which, by pure chance, through visual non-verbal communication, was initiated by one of the spiritual friends he met during his travels. It was a non-physical being from another world who received this information from other alien beings organizing recreational excursions to Earth.

It all sounds like science fiction, but when you have a large amount of data about the other world and life after death, such things no longer seem unrealistic. On the contrary, they harmoniously fit into one big logical picture, giving answers to all the questions that haunted before.

Once upon a time, a Deity created on planet Earth and other similar planets colonies of living creatures that produce the so-called Hop in the process of life. Creatures on Earth eventually evolved into humans and, like honey bees, became constant producers of Hops. Hops are an expensive energy substance, so expensive that a pinch of it is worth all the money on the planet put together.

Hops are carefully collected and sent somewhere in the universe to an unknown address with unknown purposes. Hops are produced by emotions, and the sharper the emotions, the better this Hop is. Especially high-quality and pure Hops give emotions of fear, severe stress and suffering during, for example, self-sacrifice while saving children from death, the loss of a beloved person, and so on.

It didn’t work out on the first try. The deity had to conduct several failed experiments before the creatures he created and their environment began to produce a steady crop of Hops, while maintaining their population, constantly reproducing themselves and not requiring regular intervention from outside. But in the end everything worked out. A huge field was created on a planetary scale, from which the Deity harvested expensive Hops for 12 months a year. People lived, interacted with each other, worked, fought, killed, robbed, loved, hated … and gave Hops, which were then collected and sent somewhere.

After reviewing this information, Robert Monroe fell into depression for several months. He even abandoned his out-of-body journeys as all these revelations came as a shock to him. Indeed, according to the information received, it turned out that we are not wonderful free creatures, called to do good deeds, learn and develop for the better, but just batteries, as in the “The Matrix” movie, needed only to produce Hops and feed them to some invisible to us indifferent and cruel deities.

A few months later, life seemed so unbearable and meaningless to Monroe that he decided to seek clarification and confirmation of the information received from his other spiritual friend, whom he called the Reasoner. The Reasoner is the same Light full of Love and Goodness that meets the dying after death and then shows them a multidimensional film about the deceased’s past life.

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The Reasoner listened to Monroe and pointed out that the information he received about the origin of life on Earth and the meaning of the continuation of its existence is generally correct. But the translation, that is, its interpretation, is limited and incorrect. Hops are not just some expensive substance like a spice from the “Dune” movie, which is sold in some universal markets for fabulous money and then spent on voluptuous pleasures by the owners of the planet. Hop is the energy of Love, which is really developed by all the inhabitants of the Earth. Someone produces it more, someone less, and someone in huge quantities and in its purest form. This energy is collected and sent to where it is most needed at the moment, to help and in order to build a kind and just Universe.

In addition, the existence of people on Earth is not limited to the purpose of developing and collecting Hops. The Earth is also a school in which, over and over again, the souls incarnated in physical bodies and learn to produce better Hop, in a purer form, moving along the evolution of spiritual development and thus expanding the amount of help to other living beings throughout the Universe, ultimately learning to refuse cruelty and violence, to be as kind, caring and conscious as possible. That is, to produce the purest and highest quality Hops.

Apparently, this same incorrect translation and incorrect interpretation of information about the origin of life on Earth and the meaning of its existence led to the appearance of depressing theories that our planet is a space prison in which guilty souls are serving time, or that we are just space batteries for invisible cruel gods pursuing their own, exclusively selfish goals.

It is noteworthy that Monroe writes about this so sincerely and directly, he took the incorrect perception of information about Hops so close to his heart, falling into depression for a long time, that there is no reason to suspect him of fiction and lies for the sake of fame and popularity.

By itself, this situation, which was consistently developing over several months, shows that there is no lie in it. Everything looks very logical and reliable. Robert Monroe did not just blindly believe the information received and after recovering from the initial shock, he tested it by turning to a more competent being and found out quite the opposite. It often happens when one thing seems completely different. Good may seem evil, bad as good and vice versa, depending on the point of view of the perceiver and cognizer, the quality and completeness of the information, and also, as in this case, its translation into human language.

The information that people are just plants needed to harvest an expensive energy substance turned out to be not at all what it might seem at first glance. We really produce an expensive energy substance. This substance is called Love. We send it to help others and come here to learn how to produce it more and in a purer form.

Thus, Monroe realized that the God who built this “garden” is not cruel, selfish and indifferent, and we are not just weak-willed producers of the substance he and his friends need, but quite the opposite, all this is a huge project of the cycle of Love, Goodness and Light, and each of us is its direct participant.

Therefore, if somewhere on the other side of the planet in a terrible catastrophe some unknown person miraculously escaped from imminent death, know that this could be the influence of the Hop developed by you personally. This means that you have not lived your current life in vain, fulfilled your destiny, everything makes sense, and ahead of you is an even more amazing path and an even more eventful and grandiose life in the name of great goals.

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