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Newly Discovered Ancient Scrolls – Archons Rulled The Earth

Newly Discovered Ancient Scrolls - Archons Rulled The Earth 31

The Gnostics were followers of an ancient religion based on a very ancient mystical faith.

These Gnostics were persecuted by Christians because, at that time, the Christian Church considered what the Gnostics were doing to be a heresy.

For this reason, many details about this religion have been lost over time

However, recently, today, a very interesting ancient manuscript has been discovered. This manuscript could show us much of the lost information. Even very interesting details about the UFO phenomenon.

Newly Discovered Ancient Scrolls - Archons Rulled The Earth 32

Could this ancient manuscript unravel the mystery of aliens and the UFO phenomenon?

Many of the Gnostic writings speak of aliens. These aliens are much older than the human race.

The Gnostics had a name for these extraterrestrial beings. They called them “Archons”.

You must watch the video at the end of the article because you will see pictures and information for the first time.

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Watch the following video to understand everything about this topic:


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