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Blue Beam Project – the Birth of a Great Deception

How was the concept of Blue beam Or those phenomena in the sky supposedly controlled by a sinister power with the aim of controlling minds?

There is a varied range of conspiracy theories and among many of them, a common theme appears: The New world order, a concept that would refer to the secret development of a plan or a methodology by a powerful elite that would seek to implement a system of government of totalitarian dyes at a global level with which to have control over every inhabitant of the planet and that would deprive liberties of the citizens.

And one of the amazing theories that relates to this is the one presented by the Canadian-born journalist Serge Monast who called her as ‘Blue Beam Project’.

Credit: Darksouls1 / Pixabay

Monast and the Blue Beam Project

Towards the middle of the 90s this author exhibited the hidden plan which, as I was referring to, would like to carry out some power groups with the objective that the whole planet be under said New World Order. The procedure should be done by going through different steps in order to finally accept the population itself, generating the most absolute chaos or confusion in our societies.

The statements of the journalist can be extraordinary at the beginning; although, it is worth going into them in order that each one has the possibility of valuing them and with this, it should be noted that, according to Monast, this secret plan could not be carried out without the creation of a unique religion that would unite the entire planet detailing that this would be a “New Age” type creed and that without this, the Blue Beam Project plans would not come to fruition according to the interests of those who designed it.

Blue Beam Project: the Birth of a Great Deception

Credit: Alan9187 / Pixabay

What would this project consist of? How would you carry out this program? Monast highlights four consecutive steps:

The first step

Would consist of the generation of earthquakes that would be created artificially. To contemplate this statement we would have to accept the premise that this elite would be worth it. a secret technology that the rest of the population would not know and much more developed than it is currently thought that the human being is capable.

This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity, because what they want to do is tear down, shake the beliefs of all the Christians on the planet. And to do this they need a false test, supposedly from the past, and from that remote past that ‘will prove’ to men and women that their religions are false. ” Serge Monast – Transcription of the recording of his conference at the ‘International Free Press’ 1994

Blue Beam Project: the Birth of a Great Deception

Credit: Arcturian / Pixabay

This would seek that some objects come to light from the earth to propose so they would constitute the evidence that every religion would have been misunderstood.

The second step

The next step would be based on carrying out a staging of a gigantic magnitude by which would project from space holograms over the skies of the whole world for the population to believe they are real. In each zone, the image would be of the predominant deities according to the culture. This was explained by Monast:

The second step deals with the gigantic space show with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to the predominant national / regional religious faith. ” Serge Monast – Transcription of the recording of his conference at the ‘International Free Press’ 1994

These gods would speak to the world carrying the message that the interpretations of each religion would be wrong to finally, merge all in the creation of a new deity that for this author would be the Antichrist.

Blue Beam Project: the Birth of a Great Deception

Credit: Alan 9187 / Pixabay

The third step

Next, a technology based on the emission of low frequency waves would be used that would be able to send mental messages to all people so that the world would believe that this new god would be speaking directly to them.

The kind of rays that feed on the computer memory which stores a lot of data about the human being and languages; and we said that people on Earth will be reached from inside their brain making everyone believe that their own “god” is speaking to each one from inside their own soul. ” Serge Monast – Transcript of the recording of his lecture at the International ’International Free Press’ ’1994

The Fourth Step

Then, and it is possible that simultaneously, other methods would be implemented:

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Blue Beam Project: the Birth of a Great Deception

Credit: Peter-Loman / Pixabay

  • Create a false alien invasion that would generate tension between nations.
  • Make people believe that ‘The rapture’ is imminent to take those who would be a problem for the implementation of the new government.
  • Generate through technology paranormal situations how poltergeists and phantasmagoric appearances in addition to inducing fear causing various mental problems with waves.

The objective

In this way Chaos could be unimaginable. People disappearing during “The Rapture”, while fear is growing of the possibility of a war between nations that would be increasingly tense before an imminent extraterrestrial attack and various supernatural events happening in each corner could make the population itself demand that create a government to end these situations and that would be the moment in which the New world order.

Blue Beam Project: the Birth of a Great Deception

Credit: PhotoVision / Pixabay

We must assume several premises to be able to enter to value the proposals of Monast, among them, that there would be a much more developed technology than we could imagine and that organizations such as NASA would work for this secret elite.

The End of Monast and the controversy

And in this regard, it should also be noted that this theory has many followers who they indicate as suspicious the death of the author himself because of a heart attack saying he didn’t have a previous history of heart problems. Something that could have been artificially generated since Monast said that these secret groups had the technology capable of carrying it out.

What exactly did he say?

There is a lot of information about the Blue Beam Project and the debate continues to generate abundant speculation, so much so that the data from the main source would be much smaller in comparison. The main sources would be some of his books as «The Blue Beam project of NASA” Y “The world government and the Antichrist»Available in French, the author’s native language and the transcript of a presentation that he made in 1994 from which we have cited some excerpts in this article.

Was Monast right? Did you have a heart attack to shut up? Is there secret elite What to seek to control the world entirely? Will they end up carrying out such a grim and disturbing plan? Would we fall into deception if it materialized? It is a surprising theory, of course, but it is necessary to know the details so that everyone can draw their own conclusions.


  • Transcription of the Monast conference recording
  • Educate your self


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