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Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order?

Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order? 39

While some speculate in geopolitical situations, blaming one nation for making a biological weapon to attack another, the reality is far from that. The truth is that a pandemic, by definition, affects everyone. In the case of the covid-19, its virality – both real and media – exceeds nations and rather benefits a few interests that we list in this article.

Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order? 40

Decrease in aging population

Those who claim that the new epidemic outbreak was something “launched” to decrease the world’s population are very wrong. First of all, the covid-19 pandemic has extremely low mortality compared to other diseases; in fact, more than 80% of those infected are completely asymptomatic, so it will hardly contribute to reducing the world’s population.

However, another important fact is mortality in people under 60 years of age is only 1%. This means that older people are the most affected. A great example is Italy, a nation with a very aging population and whose death toll is high due to this fact.

Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order? 41

So who could benefit from an indiscriminate contagion that results in a population decline above the age of 60? The answer may be found in this excerpt from a document published by the IMF in 2012 (the elite always execute in the long term), in which chapter 4 entitled The financial impact of longevity risk, says the following:

“The financial implications of people living longer than expected (the so-called longevity risk) are very great. If the average life expectancy increased by 2050 three years more than expected today, the costs of aging – which are already enormous – would increase 50%. Longevity risk is an issue that requires more attention now.

To make matters worse, a committee of experts had warned the UN, in September of the year 2019, that a great pandemic was unleashed by “a virus similar to the flu” … Nostradamus’ should be embarrassed of such a really accurate prediction.

Green lobby

Before the pandemic emerged, the media was inundated with news regarding Greta Thunberg and her movement to decrease pollution and mitigate the impact of climate change on our planet. Now the media is invaded by news about the coronavirus and mandatory quarantines, which in most cases are not presented with the scientific seriousness and professionalism that should be, but are amplified by a yellowness and fear to sell more in times of crisis.

In relation to the latter, the quarantine has caused a temporary cleaning of the contamination of the skies and waters, with nature recovering places due to a decrease in traffic and humans. The media have also highlighted this extensively, calling it “the best thing that could have happened to the planet” and even justifying what is happening as something that humanity deserves for its polluting actions.

Without a doubt, if you want to mask a biological weapon, resorting to ecological romanticism may be the best option.

We do not want to dismiss the efforts to save the planet from the impact produced by the activity of man, but rather to emphasize how the noble task can be used in the wrong hands, in a world where 1% has never hesitated to demonstrate their contempt for the mass that dirties your planet (yours, since they possess 40% of its total wealth).

Election year

It is well known that a new US presidential election will take place in November 2020. After avoiding the impeachment and for all the Democratic attempts to remove him, Donald Trump is going for his reelection. His chances of winning, until the coronavirus outbreak, were as many as he had when he was first elected … until now. His parsimony and underestimation to act against covid-19 has caused one of the biggest outbreaks, especially in New York City. This could cost him reelection in November.

While it may seem far-fetched to include this among the benefits of those who released the virus to the world – in case so be it-, it must be considered that the dominant elite always thinks of solutions that kill several birds with one stone.

It should be noted that Donald Trump, however ignorant he was, was not the candidate of the system, the media and the elite.

The infallible anti-protest machine

Before the coronavirus, popular and mass protests were rife in Europe and other parts of the world that are now severely affected by the pandemic. The draconian quarantines due to contagion risk served to eliminate these concentrations of people claiming for their rights.

Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order? 42

France, one of the places in 2019 where there was a greater magnitude of protests.

And probably, after ending social confinement and reducing the disease contagion curve in order not to saturate the health system – the real crux of the matter -, there will be no more protests for several months in 2020. They will be able to remove the quarantine but the fear and paranoia that the media bombard now will resonate for a long time in the population.

In tune with this issue of protest and paranoia, virtual platforms such as YouTube have censored or demonetized videos just to mention the issue of the coronavirus, thus discouraging the publication of theories about its origin and restricting how much independent media can talk about it.

A New World Order

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Michael Levitthe said recently, that the pandemic will soon decrease its curve – as it did in its original epicenter – and disappear. Humanity, against the dire forecast of the media and politicians, will survive. The real problem will be the subsequent economic damage.

Uniting globally to fight everyone against an “invisible enemy” could serve to create a New World Order, where the victory against the coronavirus is the arm that raises its flag.

Does a pandemic serve to impose a New World Order? 43

Unlike paper money, a cryptocurrency cannot transmit viruses or bacteria to humans …

Keep in mind that just before the pandemic broke out, news was circulating about how China planned to implement its new virtual currency, which was arrested in the face of the outbreak. The fall of the stock market in the United States is also a fact. Perhaps someone thinks that if together we could stop an enemy like the coronavirus, together we could also have a single coin.

However this ends, and without taking this article to heart, which only aims to present some facts and guess possible consequential scenarios, the most important thing is to be careful of the worst pandemic of all: FEAR, which for centuries and centuries has served as the greatest weapon of population manipulation.


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