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Third Eye Spies, CIA confirms that Humans have ESP and Remote Viewing skills

They call them Third Eye Spies, but there is no doubt that these special people possess skills such as ESP – Remote viewing and other paranormal phenomena that are statistically real. They came true because there is more evidence for these things than for many of the conjectures of Orthodox physics.

We have mountains of excellent and reproducible statistical data. Everything contributes to the scientificity of the thing, a huge amount of data that we cannot ignore, because ignoring it would not be scientific. This means that microscopic quantum physics is not a complete theory because it cannot explain these phenomena.

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A CIA document has recently become available to the general public thanks to the FOIA, Freedom of Information Act and includes numerous interesting details about the subjects that have been studied and possess the so-called “superhuman abilities”, such as extrasensory perceptions and Remote Vision (Remote) Viewing). The CIA explains how studies have been conducted for decades.

The curious document contains this ‘incredible’ information and is called “Chronology of recent interest in the exceptional functions of the human body in the People’s Republic of China”. This study discusses how the Chinese government has conducted research aimed at working with remote visualization and ESP faculty.

cia-document-esp586 Nov 16/11/43

The document can be read below, but only in a short summary:

In 1981, more than 100 centers were formed to study children with exceptional abilities and mental abilities, with the collaboration of over 100 formally trained academics. In 1982, the Chinese Academy of Sciences sponsored a public hearing in Beijing, in which more than 4,000 university professors participated in relation to cases of parapsychological ability in humans. They called for “fair, but strictly controlled” evidence to lead to a final judgment.

In April 1982, a joint trial was organized by the Beijing Teachers College National Party of Science Committee. Supporters from both sides attended. The results have been mostly negative but with the exception of a few, one of them is Zhang Baosheng.

But what specifically was Baosheng able to do? According to reports, Baosheng was able to move the objects that were inside and outside some sealed containers. “In 1984, Zhang Baosheng became a full-time worker with the military, and is part of the PSI TEAM research sector.”

Baosheng is also able to move small pieces of paper that are inside hermetically sealed test tubes. The researchers observed the process and videotaped the event from numerous angles, concluding that somehow, the pieces of paper that were placed in sealed tubes moved in an obvious way, even though the small tubes still remained sealed and they showed no signs of damage. Interestingly, Baosheng was able to do the same with staples and live insects.

In addition, we also find another CIA document which clearly states:

A wooden cabinet 120 by 180 and with a depth of 60 centimeters, was used as a sealed container, in which sheets of paper and cards were placed, used as “target” objects of the ESP experiment. Then they were placed inside the wardrobe on the upper shelf. Without damaging the furniture or opening the door, the person with “ESP” mental abilities was able to remove the “target” objects and was also able to store them again but elsewhere inside the wardrobe. This shows that even when using, especially a large container, it is possible to completely break the space barriers by crossing them. However, the success rate is much lower and was extremely difficult.

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