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NASA Scientist: “We live in a matrix powered by an Alien race”

NASA Scientist: "We live in a matrix powered by an Alien race" 33

Nick Bostrom, a scientist from the Nasa, became the protagonist of a very significant and suggestive statement: “we live in a computer simulation, one or more alien races keep us trapped”.

The comparison with the film Matrix comes natural, do we really live in a simulated reality? Many scientists argue that our life is a reality generated by some “intelligent machines”. Is this really so?

Do we live in a virtual reality?

Nick Bostrom, a scientist from the University of Oxford said that our life would be comparable to the film Matrix, released in theaters in 1999. So according to Bostrom our bodies would be “suspended” in tanks full of liquids, while our brain “would create mere illusions of our life. Science fiction or viable hypothesis?

Alien council

Actually the doctor Bostrom argues that our body would not be made of flesh and ours brain would exist only as a network of circuits of the computer. In quantum mechanics, particles do not have a well-defined state let alone be observed. An explanation could be that we are living within a simulation that shows us what we need to see.

NASA confirms the “Matrix” theory

Rich Terrile, director of the Center for evolutionary calculation and automatic design at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA, discussed and addressed the issue of digital simulation. Terrile is convinced that within 10 years i computer they will have the potential to calculate an entire human life, so it will be possible to create a simulation of our world.


Terrile said: “right now the fastest supercomputers in the NASA they are working at almost twice the speed compared to a common human brain.”

If you make a simple calculation using Moore’s Law (which states that computers double their potential every two years) you will find that these supercomputers, within a decade, he will be able to calculate all human life of 80 years.

NASA Scientist: "We live in a matrix powered by an Alien race" 34

Nick Bostrom so it suggests that we are living in a kind of “virtual alien game ”. The reality is that it is disturbing to think that the world is “directed” by alien entities like in a science fiction film, and that we could be their “toys”. But in reality, today, we have become the toys of the lords of occult power, the famous Elite made up of the Illuminati of the Cabal, which exploits us and enslaves us for the NWO project. Many say that they are the real Reptilian Aliens who impose a Nazi-fascist dictatorial policy, those who have created wars and continue to create wars for personal profits. Who should we believe then? What is the reality of the facts?

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