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In 1684 the Vatican removed many books of the Bible without a real explanation

Why did the Vatican remove some books of the Bible in 1684 without giving any logical explanation?

It was the year 1684 when the Church decided to delete some books of the Bible without giving a logical explanation. Generally, when we talk about the Bible, what comes to mind to the faithful is a source of absolute truth that has never been tampered with.

It was 1611 when the Bible was translated from Latin into English and originally contained 80 books in which they constituted the end of the Old Testament, while the current editions have only 66. Many over time have wondered what prompted the Church to remove these books in the Bible?

The Vatican Church or Roman Catholic Church has been associated with deception for centuries. Many have accused her of atrocities, genocide, and in order not to make us lack anything, including child molestation.

But returning to the purpose of this article, the exclusion of these apocryphal books constituted the end of the Old Testament.

Why did the Vatican remove these books of the Bible?

It is believed that these manuscripts were systematically suppressed because theirs liberating messages on individual awareness they threatened the authority of the leaders political and religious.

They are half-known books of which it illuminates the path of personal redemption and contains the secrets of the realization of our individual creative potential. Some of these lost texts, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, include various mystical teachings which later developed into a true esoteric discipline known as the Kabbalah. Among the texts considered, there is also a whole series of books that were not included in the Bible, and which are called Apocryphal (ie “hidden”) and included the following books:

Here are some books excluded by the Church

How many books did the Bible contain at the time of the early Christians? It is impossible to answer this question, as it is believed that some books were never shown and kept hidden from the world, but we can still find traces of the missing books by reading the Old Testament.

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  • The Book of the Covenant : In Exodus, chap. 24, verse 7, Moses mentions the Book of the Covenant, but sadly this book no longer exists in the modern Bible
  • The Lord’s Book of Wars : The Lord’s Book of Wars also no longer exists. But a small passage was saved thanks to Moses who quotes it in Numbers, chapter 21, verse 14:
  • The Book of the Just : In the same way, Book of the Just disappeared from the Bible, yet it is explicitly mentioned and quoted by Joshua in his: Book of Joshua chapter 10, verse 13 and 14.
  • The Book of the Deeds of Solomon: No quotation for the Book of the Deeds of Solomon, only a mention made by the prophet Jeremiah in: 1 Kings, ch. 11, verse 41:
  • The Book of Samuel – The Book of Nathan – The Book of Gad: No quotation even in 1 Chronicles, chapter 29, verse 29 and verse 30, but three books are mentioned: The Book of Samuel, the Book of Nathan and the Book of Gad:
  • The Prophecy of Achia of Silo – The Visions of the Seer Iedò: Also Ezra mentions the Book of Nathan, plus two other books in, 2 Chronicles chapter 9 verse 29:
  • The Acts of the Prophet Semaia – The Acts of the seer Iddo : Also Ezra, in 2 Chronicles, chapter 12, verse 15, mentions two other books:
  • The Book of Ozai
  • Finally, Ezra mentions the book of Ozai in 2 Chronicles, chapter 33, verse 19:

The Bible as we know it is a partial version strongly accepted by the ecclesiastical hierarchy. There are actually several missing books that have been lost that are referred to in the Holy Scriptures themselves. For example The Book of Numbers mentions the Book of the Battles of Jahvé, of which no copies have survived, or the first and second Book of Kings, and the first and second Book of Chronicles, refer to Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel, of which there is no trace.”

Altogether we have many books cited or mentioned by the authors of the Old Testament, which disappeared into thin air. It is impossible to answer a precise why, even if many have a solid idea.

Vatican secret books, history destroyed

Many claim that the power and influence of the oldest organization was able to change part of our history to their convenience.

Are there any secret Vatican books about our history

Are there any secret Vatican books about our history

There were in the past now secret books of the Vatican, which opened the true history of mankind. But they were destroyed in order to be able to perpetuate themselves in power and, thus, gain more loyal followers around the world.

Experts and theorists from around the world suggest that the church, along with the Vatican, deliberately removed complete books of the Bible from society for its own interests. These critical historical records are now safely stored in the secret archives of the Vatican.

Has the Vatican changed our history?

The church that serves the Vatican was, at some point in history, one of the most powerful and influential organizations in the world. However, the powerful influence is known not only for this reason. The Vatican is also called one of the most closed elites, dedicated to keeping many secrets about the history of mankind and hiding them.

Everyone knows that the Bible has been changed for most of history, and there is evidence for that; New and Old Testament. In 1611, when the Bible was first translated from Hebrew into English, a total of fourteen books of the Old Testament were deliberately removed. Why did the church and the Vatican destroy history?

We do not know with certainty what the intentions were behind this deliberate movement. The truth is that some of the texts were deleted, with the exception of one of the editions, which was published during 1611. The rest entered the list of the Vatican’s secret books, history destroyed.

What do the Vatican’s secret books write about?

What draws most attention to these books is that the written name of Jesus has a true pronunciation – Yahasua. In the same way, the experts of these secret books of the Vatican were surprised – “The Wisdom of Solomon”.

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For those people who are not very knowledgeable about the Bible, we recall that Solomon is one of the important characters. In the Bible, he is called the man with the greatest wisdom on Earth, he was the son of David and is referred to as someone very kind and good. However, in deleted chapters of the story, Solomon is described as one who is actually evil and vengeful.

The hidden story of Solomon and Jesus

According to the stories that are shown in these secret books of the Vatican, Solomon constantly speaks to a figure who will be presented in the future as the son of God. An intriguing character will be viewed with great contempt for many people and will find death in an unpleasant way.

Many theorists who were supposedly able to read the deleted portions have interpreted the figure as Jesus. According to their version, he will be the character with whom Solomon talks so much and receives wisdom in managing the world for his own good.

It should be mentioned that Solomon was a man with a keen interest in the occult. Even the Temple of Solomon was considered the birthplace of the religion of the Mason, who was accused of secretly ruling the world for millennia.

Do they have something to hide?

The Vatican was built on the bones of giants and other artifacts dating back to days before Noah. Most Catholics have no idea what lies beneath the surface of the ancient hill. But it is well known that the Vatican was the first organization to conceal much of our history.

There are secret books of the Vatican with forbidden magic rituals of the ancestors

There are secret books of the Vatican with forbidden magic rituals of the ancestors

The Vatican is one of the most defended cities in Rome. But at the same time, it is the smallest state in the world, where only 842 people live. Some authorities in this area of ​​research say that many artifacts and evidence from other races were confiscated by the Vatican. Some witnesses were “controlled” and their stories were manipulated to hide historical facts from the past.

Many believe that throughout their period of power, they deliberately lied to us in order to support a false but still relevant story today. It is believed that the Vatican still contains highly secret historical records. It also contains such relics as forbidden magical grimoires of our ancestors.

Some believe that the Vatican is very knowledgeable about aliens and is even preparing for their arrival. Many people tend to say that the Vatican is constantly watching the sky for their arrival and knows much more than it can say about it.

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