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We were created: Life on Earth is of artificial origin and there is new evidence that’s hard to argue with

Elon Musk recently stated that not everything is so simple with humanity. That we are some kind of deviation from the cosmic norm. He even hinted that we live in a computer simulation but everything is much stranger.

Everyone has heard the theory that life was brought to Earth from outer space. And everyone is used to joke at such theories; the picture that the chemical compounds required for the appearance of organic matter were brought by asteroids looks too unrealistic. And even more so, the theory about the alien origin of man seems incredible. 

But such a theory also has a rightful place to exist and today we are more convinced than ever that we are created by aliens.

The Moon is Earth’s artificial satellite

There are no craters deeper than three kilometers on the Moon but there are plenty of much smaller ones. But the figure is three km. as if magic regardless of the diameter of the crater. That is, a blow could have been super strong, but the impact depth could not overcome the ‘fixed’ 3 kilometer limit.

The Moon is an artificial satellite of the Earth
The Moon is an artificial satellite of the Earth.

An immediate fact number two is the Lunar Excursion Module, the lunar module that remained on the surface after the Apollo mission, when the astronauts landed on the Moon, which provokes constant moonquakes. That is, the surface under the module behaves unstable. Why? We do not know.

The third fact is reverberation. According to legend, upon arriving on the surface, one of the missions dropped the cabin of the take-off module onto the surface of our satellite. This caused a prolonged reverberation, a hum, recorded by instruments. This interested the researchers and, for the sake of an experiment, they hit the moon with one of the spent stages of the Saturn-5 rocket. The instruments recorded the reverberation for five hours.

It seems that the moon has vast internal voids or even a cavity, covered on top with a heavy-duty protective shell, which is located at a depth of three kilometers from the surface. This version is indirectly confirmed by the following facts: The Moon has a density lower than the Earth’s by 60%. The moon has gravitational anomalies so the attraction under the “lunar seas” is higher than on the rest of the surface. These are not a conspiracy invention but verified facts.

Solar System Oddities

In 2010, the Kepler-33 system, the Cygnus constellation, was discovered. In 2012, planets were discovered around the star. What’s strange is that all the planets rotate quite close to the star, literally within the orbit of Mercury, when compared with our Solar System. Secondly, the planets are ranked in order of size/mass. From largest to lightest.

Scientists decided that this was an anomaly. After all, the planets in our system are scattered chaotically. But more and more new discoveries appeared and other systems were observed. Then it became obvious that our system was the true anomaly.

Moreover, each of the planets of our system is somehow “tuned” to interact with the earth. You all know very well that we constantly observe only one side of the Moon. And now the news is that Mercury always stands in a single line between the Sun and the Earth once every 116 days, and at this moment it is always turned to us with one side. Likewise, Venus, which approaches the Earth every 584 times, always faces us with one side. Jupiter simply should not have been formed.

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Iapetus is one of the strangest Saturn moons

Rumor has it that the Iapetus satellite may be of artificial origin and there is nothing surprising in such conversations, as we have already found out. There are enough similar suspicious objects in the Solar System. But what is interesting about Iapetus is its shape and color.

More recently, Elon Musk stated that not everything is so simple with us, humanity.  That we are some kind of deviation from the cosmic norm.  He even hinted that we were living in a computer simulation... -3-2
Iapetus is one of the strangest moons of Saturn.

Its cosmic body has an amazing color – the front hemisphere is black “like coal”, and its rear hemisphere is white “like snow”. The reflective ability of the hemispheres differs by 10 times and contrasting territories have a clear boundary.

The Wall of Iapetus is a circular mountain range encircling the equator of the celestial body. There is no other similar picture in our system and, frankly, it looks very suspicious. Where could we elsewhere see something like this?

Spheres from Klerksdorp

These small spheres with a diameter of 1 to 10 centimeters were found in one of the pyrophyllite mines in South Africa, near the town of Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal.

The spheres have become the object of close attention, although official science denies them; it seems that they are objects of artificial origin, about three billion years old.

If our Earth were “sown” with some “seeds of life”, then they would look exactly like this. There are two types of spheres – red monolithic ones, white ones with an internal void filled with a spongy structure, which quickly turns into dust upon contact with air. Both types of spheres have a very hard shell made of an unusual metal, differing only in color – white for hollow ones and red for dense ones. 

Serifs run along the equator of each sphere. We saw approximately the same thing on Iapetus. Just look at the photos.

Spheres from Klerksdorp
Spheres from Klerksdorp.

The artificial origin of the spheres is supported by the fact that they were studied at the California Space Institute. Professor John Petersburg, in one of the letters posted in the museum, said that the spheres are surprisingly well balanced. So much so that they exceed the limit of the measuring ability of the institute’s technology.

For objective reasons, there was simply no one and nowhere to make spheres on Earth three billion years ago. Our young planet was still completely covered in water.

The mystery of the planetoid’s name

By the way, everything is hidden in plain sight. Saturn’s moons are named after various Titans and Iapetus was no exception. The son of Uranus and Gaia, the husband of the oceanid Clementa, was also the father of that same Prometheus, who, having sacrificed himself, gave people knowledge (fire). Iapetus himself is a symbol of mortality and life expectancy of mortals.

So it goes. It is very likely we are all a by-product of some kind of cosmic selection, which begun a little over three billion years ago by certain creatures who had the power to move stars and planets. There is no need to talk about any “forerunner” space bases in the system. These creatures were already so developed that they simply did not need any bases. Perhaps they are still watching us from somewhere in their own dimension.

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