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Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 31

The study of UFOs has given amazing revelations to humanity. Without doubt, one of the most important findings is the presence of flying objects in old paintings, demonstrating that, possibly, they have visited us from the origin of everything …

One of the greatest concerns of society is know if there is life outside our planet and today, that curiosity is increased thanks to the large number of sightings of unidentified flying objects worldwide.

However, everything seems to indicate that these sightings are not unique to pop culture and could go back to centuries in the past.

There are very old paintings where you can see UFOs, however, the question we all ask ourselves is why did they paint them? Were they so common that adding them to art was normal?

However, these curious flying ships do not go back only at the birth of contemporary art, since they are in paintings, in caves, where our aboriginal ancestors captured humanoid figures.

And it is worth remembering that all these paintings are nothing more than a testimony what life was like during that time.

But without a doubt, the one who has given us the most to think about is the Renaissance art, the one who was greatly influenced by religion, which has puzzled scholars even more …

Wandjina’s paintings

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 32

Australian aboriginal paintings showing humanoids. Credit: Public Domain

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 33

Wandjina wall art

The Australian aborigines painted in caves what they believed were the creators of everything what exists on Earth. These figures have a humanoid appearance, big black eyes, no mouth and seem to wear a kind of helmet.

There is a great debate about what they wanted to capture in this representation, but they certainly seem to tell us about a extraterrestrial contact.

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Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 34

The Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco painting features two rather out of place UFOs, which resemble jelly fish, either side of JesusCredit: Steffen Schulein ( Georgian Tourism Association)

This wall mural, or fresco, from 1350 by an unknown artist can be found in the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Serbia.

Two odd-looking objects with ‘pilots’ can be seen in the sky on both sides of Jesus.

“As odd as the details in the upper left and right sections of the Kosovo fresco may seem to modern eyes, they, in fact, refer to something readily familiar: the sun and the moon,” Dennis Geronimus, associate professor of Italian Renaissance at New York University, told the Huffington Post.

“None of these painted details amount to early modern UFO sightings, which isn’t to say that the Kosovo muralist’s or Carlo Crivelli’s contemporary audiences did not believe in otherworldly beings or supernatural events.”

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil 

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 35

This painting based on the legend that Saint Wolfgang tricked the devil into building a church sparked a wave of conspiracy theoriesCredit: Getty Images

The work of a famous German Renaissance painter Michael Pacher in the 15th century.

It is based around a legend that Saint Wolfgang, the Bishop of Regensburg in Bavaria during the 10th century, tricked the devil into building a church.

Internet sleuths believe the odd green shaped figure supposedly representing the devil appears more alien.

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 36

In the right corner you can see a man and his dog watching a strange flying object. Credit: Domenico Ghirlandail / Wikimedia Commons

Work of the fifteenth century, belonging to Domenico Ghirlandail. Another religious image of the Renaissance, where a UFO can be observed in detail.

Ghirlandail “hid” this object, since it can only be seen very vaguely to a corner of the painting and, in addition, a man and his dog are seen on a hill staring To the strange ship.

The miracle of the snow

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 37

In this work, Jesus and Mary are inside what appears to be a ship, and behind them are others following them. Credit: Masolino Da Panicale / Public Domain

Painting made by Masolino Da Panicale in 1428 where he shows us Jesus and Mary on a strange machine and apparently, followed by similar ones.

These strange artifacts are found flying over the sky, so they can easily be seen as flying ships.

The Crucifixion of 1350

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 38

Two flying ships can be seen at each end of the painting. Credit: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

Visoki Decanís, one of the most representative works he has painted, where he portrays the crucifixion of Jesus. But what most attracts attention are the two flying ships which can be seen on the right and on the left of the painting, including passengers.

This painting is from the fourteenth century and many people have interpreted what he “meant” with these figures. However, it is difficult to add another interpretation to something that is so literal.

The Annunciation of Saint Emidius

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 39

A UFO shoots a kind of lightning at a person praying. Credit: Carlo Crivelli / Wikimedia Commons

Carlo Crivelli painted this work in 1486 and in it you can see a mysterious circle in the sky attacking with a lightning bolt to the head a young woman who is praying.

There is also a white dove flying, being pierced by lightning, as if it were descending from a spaceship.

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The glorification of the Eucharist

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 40

God and Jesus taking a metallic object through their antennae. Credit: Bonaventura Salimbeni / Wkimedia Commons

Bonaventura Salimbeni made this work in 1600, being one of the most important of his career, so it is protected in the church of San Lorenzo, in San Pedro, Florence.

This painting also shows a mysterious metallic sphere, with antennas, which are seized by Jesus and God. This UFO is very similar to satellites that were made hundreds of years later, so it has generated much controversy between believers and ufologists.

Triumph of Summer Tapestry

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 41

Photo credit: World 5 List via YouTube

Not precisely a painting but a Renaissance tapestry, this Belgian work of art is one of the few that doesn’t actually depict a religious scene. This tapestry is a celebratory artwork depicting the ascension of a ruler to power in Belgium. Although it’s not clear who he is, it could be referring to Emperor Charles V, who also governed West Flanders.

Anyway, what caught the attention in this intricate tapestry is the fact that in the upper-left part of the image you can see many creatures and objects that match our modern perception of extraterrestrial imagery, to which there’s no religious association at all. However, it’s believed it was the artisan’s way of showing this monarchs’ divine right to rule, which doesn’t sound that far-fetched at all.

La Tebaide

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 42

Photo credit: Scheggia

Painted in the mid-15th century, La Tebaide (aka Scene di vita eremitica) is a montage of scenes showing various aspects and beliefs of monastic life. Part of this picture shows Jesus on the cross, and many eagle-eyed enthusiasts have picked out a small, red, disc-shaped UFO at the bottom of that scene.

Debunkers claim that the red, saucer-shaped object is nothing more than a traditional cardinal’s hat that belongs to St. Jerome, the person kneeling in front of the cross.

On the other hand, UFOlogists believe that the red trails projecting from the “UFO” show its erratic movements. However, the trails are probably just the tassels of the traditional headpiece. Besides, this hat appears in many other paintings of St. Jerome. As in this picture, the hat is usually found close to him.

La Tebaide is currently on display at the Academy of Florence, Italy.

‘Israel, Put Your Hope In The Lord’

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 43

The UFO-like object depicted in a wall painting in a medieval Romanian church (Image: Credit: Catalina Borta)

This mysterious painting depicts a giant disc-shaped object above a burning church. The painting currently sits in the Church of the Dominican Monastery in Sighisoara, Romania.

This location is in the legendary region of Transylvania, which was the birthplace of Vlad III, prince of Wallachia. You may know him better as “Vlad the Impaler” or “Vlad III Dracula”—the same Dracula that inspired Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 novel.

It is not known if there is a connection between Dracula and the painting. Although mainstream historians argue that the disc-shaped object is nothing more than a shield, its size as well as the smoke that appears to be trailing out of it suggests otherwise.

Although it is not known exactly when the painting was created or by whom, the German caption below it reads: Israel, hoffe auf den Herrn (“Israel, put your hope in the Lord”). As the Bible was not translated into German until 1523 and a fire destroyed the original monastery in the 17th century, the painting was probably created after those two events.

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The baptism of Christ

Enigmatic old paintings with images of UFOs 44

A strange luminous disk illuminates the baptism of Jesus. Credit: Aert De Gelder / Wikimedia Commons

Aert De Gelder painted in 1710 one of the most representative works of the Renaissance and is currently on display in the Museum of Fitzwilliam, Cambrindge.

It shows a UFO illuminating the baptism of Jesus, in such a literal way that there is no way to interpret it any other way.


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