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The last refuge of aliens, or where the star guests of our planet found peace

It is generally accepted that the existence of aliens needs proof that science does not have. People look into the depths of space in search of signs and messages from extraterrestrial civilizations. But just as an inattentive person looks for glasses in a room while they are hanging around his neck, we do not want to notice what is under our noses. Or rather, direct facts indicating the burial of aliens on our planet.

Mass Alien Grave in Rwanda

In 2008, Swedish anthropologist Hugo Childs discovered something strange in the small country of Rwanda in Africa. Going there was a brave and desperate decision, because the people there are not very friendly. But the government was determined to prove that the warring tribes of this area – the Tutsis and Hutu – have no common roots. The Hutus, who are considered aborigines in Rwanda, that is, the indigenous population, staged in 1994 a brutal massacre against the Tutsi settlers. 

History says that the first inhabitants of these lands settled near the current capital of Kigali six thousand years ago. But the last expedition, which was deployed in the vicinity of the source of the Nile, showed that about 600 years ago, humanoids were buried here. Their bodies were dumped in a mass grave.

Archaeologists did not even think that these were ordinary aborigines, because they were much larger than even the tallest people in height, while they had a large cranium and a narrower skeleton. Perhaps the aliens could communicate using echolocation, because they lacked not only ears, but also other holes on their heads. It is also difficult to understand how the humanoids exchanged messages with each other.

Analysis of the remains allowed scientists to conclude that they cannot belong to people, even genetically distant from modern Africans. It was more likely to assume that in the past the continent was visited by inhabitants of distant galaxies. The aliens were enough to destroy the entire local population, but, most likely, they themselves were brought to the grave by an invisible enemy – a virus against which their immunity was helpless.

They buried their own dead, presumably the crew of the spacecraft, which in time “took away their feet.” That is why the remains of the starship were not found.

Hugo Childs wanted to tell the world about his discovery, to show that not everything is known to science. However, many were not ready to admit what did not fit into their picture of the world. Doubts were added by the fact that the biomaterial allegedly remained practically unharmed, being underground for 600 years. But after all, no one can argue that the chemical composition of the bodies of humanoids is similar to any kind of living creatures. The archaeologist admitted that terrestrial bacteria could not multiply in them, respectively, the remains were not subject to decomposition and decay.

Next, the scientist intended to provide evidence to colleagues and the public by conducting a genetic analysis of the bodies of aliens, but suddenly disappeared from sight. There were reports in the press that Childs had been silenced. Not by the special services, but the distant descendants of his experimental subjects.

Tibetan dwarfs from the vicinity of Sirius

But this case is not the only one. Finds appeared here and there in the world, testifying to the visit of the Earth by aliens. So, in the first half of the last century, the Peking expedition headed to the Bayan-Khara-Ula region, which is located between China and Tibet. 

The author of the study, Chi Pu Tei, as a result of searches, announced the discovery of 716 burials of the remains of creatures that do not look like humans. Their height, in contrast to the “African” humanoids, was a little more than 1 meter, they were six-fingered and large-headed. It was surprising that their small graves looked like honeycombs, and they were located right on a sheer cliff.

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Chi Pu Tei claimed that he had stumbled upon a burial of mutants, who, however, were human. But he was haunted by the fact that on the walls of the tiny caves where the graves were found, strange drawings were drawn – images of the planets of the solar system. At the same time, a line stretched from our Earth somewhere into the depths of space, where an unknown planet was located.

Objects of unknown purpose were also found in the graves – ceramic discs with a hole in the middle. They were covered with drawings in the form of a spiral.

But after difficult times came, the Second World War broke out, and scientists had no time for aliens, especially inanimate ones.

Many years later, the Chinese professor Tsum Um Nui came to the conclusion that the artifacts contained information about the inhabitants of a planet orbiting a distant star – Sirius. The people called the Drops visited the Earth about 12 thousand years ago. Their ship could not cope with the gravity of the Earth, so the drops were forced to settle high in the mountains. But the living conditions were practically unbearable for them, so they soon died.

Ceramic discs found near the bodies behaved strangely, which again proves their extraterrestrial origin. Tsum Um Nui could not understand where such magnetization of these objects came from and why they constantly change their weight.

But another difficult period in the history of China brought to naught all the scholar’s progress towards the truth. He went to Japan, and the artifacts were lost. There is a version that they could simply be destroyed.

However, later new information surfaced. They say that strange discs are kept in the Xi’an Museum, and they were even seen by one married couple named Wegerer. But 20 years later, in 1994, journalist Peter Kpass, who took up the investigation, could not find anything similar in that museum. Communication with the administration did not give any result either. Nobody heard anything or didn’t want to tell.

Egyptian alien in the Valley of the Kings

The next story is related to Egypt. The strange find and discovery belongs to the archaeologist Gaston de Villard. Through his efforts in the Valley of the Kings, he managed to find a tomb, which is about four thousand years old.

In the days of ancient Egypt, mummification was normal, but this is not surprising. Among the usual mummies was one with a frightening look. Her eye sockets occupied almost half of the skull, which, in turn, was oddly bifurcated. The creature did not have ears and nose at all, but the growth was twice that of ordinary people of that period.

In the tomb of this creature, they also found something like Tibetan discs, but from metal. A star map was drawn on the tablets scattered around the skeleton. The strangest thing for the scientist was the the ritual burial of the alien. For some reason, he was buried in the earth with the same honors as nobles, providing the tomb with food supplies, as well as jewelry and household items.

However, this find was not made public, because the military immediately arrived. They took away all the artifacts along with the body without saying a word to Gaston de Villard.

Scientists have repeatedly convinced that the authorities do not need the truth about aliens. Official science, probably, is in a oppressed position, it is kept in check by the steel hands of the powers that be. It remains to be hoped that this is done in order to avoid danger and for the welfare of all humans.

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