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Was there a civilization on Earth before humans?

All scientists unanimously say that people are the first intelligent civilization on the planet. But archaeological finds say that there was a pre-civilization. The spheres from Klerksdorp, which are many times older than a person, or the Antikythera mechanism, the principle of which no one would have understood in the 1st century BC, could not have been created at the time they date from. But they are, which means they also had a creator. Who is he?

Now all supporters of the theory of intelligent life before people are divided into two camps. Some say that once upon a time aliens flew to Earth and left several of their inventions here. Others firmly believe that other, now extinct, civilizations once lived on our planet. But both of these hypotheses are rejected by scientists.

Were there any precivilizations at all?

This question is not difficult to answer. It is enough to recall the artifacts that a person, with all his desire, could not make. These are bolts, nuts and other metal objects, invented long ago, but not 30 millennia ago. Or metal objects created from materials that did not exist at that time. 

For example, a hammer found in America, consisting of pure iron, which has not yet been obtained. Or a wedge from Ayud. It is 20 thousand years old, and it consists of pure aluminum, which was discovered only in the 19th century.

The second evidence is the remains of other civilizations. In Nevada, a huge jaw was found, resembling a human. A thigh bone of a five-meter man was found in Turkey. But the English archaeologists went farthest. 

They managed to dig up a man four meters tall. Similar people were found in one American lake, ttheir height was more modest: 2.4 and 3 meters. All skeletons had 24 fingers. Traces of shoes were also found, which could not exist at the time of the appearance of the imprint.

There is one more piece of evidence that no one takes seriously. This is the epic of the peoples of the world. In all legends, gods are mentioned – creatures that take human form and possess supernatural powers. 

The names and biographies of the gods are different, but the abilities are exactly the same. From this it follows that there were certain beings on Earth who, in their power, were much superior to humans. Who is this?

Precivilization: what races lived on our planet?

The researchers agreed that the first inhabitants on Earth appeared hundreds of millions of years ago. During this time they changed, and now there are four primitive civilizations.


This civilization was the very first on Earth. The asuras were 50 meters tall and weighed 30 tons. Their technology was well developed. They could build flying cities, although they preferred to live underground. On the surface of the earth, the asuras had only temples, scientific stations and cosmodromes. 

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The asuras have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and their culture has not changed. It is now unknown whether at least one asura remained on Earth. It will be difficult to find it despite its size, because these creatures lived underground. Like any other civilization, the asuras fell into decay. They were replaced by the Atlanteans.


The Atlanteans appeared about a million years ago. They were smaller than the asuras, but not inferior to them in abilities. In particular, they inherited levitation and telepathy from their predecessors. Atlantean technology was much better developed than ours. They could completely destroy the item. It is believed that the remnants of these technical devices still lie at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle and periodically destroy ships and aircraft and drive people crazy. 

The Atlanteans lived for millennia and could control the weather. This ability killed them. Having fun with natural disasters, the Atlanteans destroyed their mainland. And they themselves followed the path of humanization, and now only memory and rare paranormal abilities remain of them.


It was the third civilization on Earth. The Lemurians were already like people and had a much lower technological development than the Atlanteans and Asuras. But the spiritual culture of the Lemurians was higher than that of their predecessors. They professed a cult of knowledge and goodness. 

Lemurians could heal energy and use it for their own purposes. But the cult of knowledge soon became a cult of power. Weapons appeared, and the Lemurians began to understand that war was inevitable. Then some Lemurians moved underground along with their technologies. Another part went into hibernation – samadhi. The rest of the Lemurians died as a result of a nuclear conflict with another civilization – the Boreans.


This was the last civilization before humans. The Boreans possessed technologies similar to those of the Lemurians. They lived in a large area from the Yenisei to the Atlantic. Among the Boreans, the cult of knowledge also prevailed, which soon passed into the cult of power. Two great civilizations, the Lemurians and the Boreans, began to struggle for power and started a war.

At this time, people had already built the most ancient cities, and at least one of them, Mohenjo-Daro, died as a result of the atomic bombing. The surviving Lemurians left the Earth, and the Boreans assimilated with humans.


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