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Nibiru and Marduk – Planet or Spaceship of the Annunaki and Reptilians

According to legend, Nibiru is a wandering planet. And so, once every three thousand six hundred years, it crosses our solar system. The planet is on its way passing between Jupiter and Mars.

Back in the late seventies, a theory appeared that Nibiru is a wandering planet that crosses the solar system once every 3600 years, passing between Mars and Jupiter. Moreover, the Anunnaki are flying to Nibiru and are planning to fly to our planet. In this case, the Anunnaki are all the gods of ancient myths. 

In 2012, supporters of this theory were waiting for the planet Nibiru to approach the Earth and thereby provoke a violation of the gravitational field after which the End of the World was supposed to follow.

Science fiction writers believe that Nibiru is not actually a planet, but a spaceship. Or, a planet that is controlled like a spaceship. Thus, it calmly travels through cosmos. There is also a version that Nibiru appears in our Universe from another dimension. In any case, if you refer to such theories, you need to understand that Nibiru and its inhabitants are not very favorable to humanity.

Nibiru is inhabited by the Anunnaki. These creatures flew to our planet back in ancient times. They became reptilian gods among people. The Anunnaki taught humanity, but only for selfish purposes because they actively used human labor to their advantage.

Lizard people of the Ubaid civilization

The Annunaki are deities from the Sumerian-Akkadian pantheon. There, these creatures served as minor deities and they looked like reptilian people. The ancient Egyptians also described similar creatures. And even earlier, the Ubaid civilization encountered creatures that resembled lizard people. The excavations pleased us with a large number of figures of reptilian people in the territories where representatives of this ancient civilization lived.

They flew to Earth to collect various resources. Therefore, we carried out different work. Even the Sumerian myth tells how the Anunnaki worked day and night. They dug trenches and lived in terrible conditions. And in the end, they started a riot after which man was created who was already working for the aliens.

Nibiru – Planet or spaceship of the Annunaki and Reptilians

Based on this theory, a fantastic conclusion was drawn. Fans of stories about aliens shared the opinion that reptilian aliens operated in Ancient Egypt because they needed a lot of gold. This metal was used as fuel for Nibiru or as a protective layer. When the protective layer begins to thin, the Anunnaki planet risks perishing along with its inhabitants.

The myth that reptilians can now fly to Nibiru is very relevant. They are possibly descendants of the Anunnaki. Although there is a version that reptilians fly or flew to Earth from the star Alpha Draconis.

Nibiru image

It is described as a planet, round in shape and quite large. Nibiru is red or fiery in color. It is often described as having the shape of a skull. Allegedly, when it approaches the Earth, its convex shape will resemble a skull.

Nibiru was often associated with Jupiter, Mercury, and also Sirius but such assumptions contradict ancient Sumerian texts. Despite this, scientists continue to draw parallels between the mysterious object and planets, as well as stars. In the Indian myth, the constellation Aries is dedicated to Indra, who killed the serpent Vritra.

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The Persians called the planet Mars “Verethragna the killer of Vrita”, this planet is the astrological ruler of Aries. Researchers studying the tablets of ancient Mesopotamians suggested that the Sumerians could connect the star Gamal with the god Marduk (in the constellation Aries)Representatives of the ancient civilization called it Nibiru. 

According to another theory, Nibiru is the star Aldebaran, one of the brightest stars in the constellation Taurus. At a certain period, it was the very point marking the equinox.

Nibiru – Planet or spaceship of the Annunaki and Reptilians

In fact, this celestial body can easily be called an “unidentified object.” The Sumerians gave it to us. They meticulously described the stars and planets and they separated them. But Nibiru as a celestial body was described separately. This alone was the reason to call Nibiru not a planet or a star, but an alien ship.

But researchers, trying to figure out the mysterious object, came to the conclusion that the Sumerians were describing a star. And it is located in the constellation Aries or Taurus. This star was associated with the god Marduk. 

Nibiru and Marduk

The close connection between Nibiru and Marduk can be seen in the Sumerian collection of the Enuma Elish myths. According to tradition, Nibiru was ascended to heaven by Marduk. Therefore Nibiru is the star of Marduk. The same myth says that all other gods, including Tiamat, are under the protection of the god Marduk.

He was a powerful creator, protector and ruler. Accordingly, his star could be described separately, as a sign of respect to a god.

The story of Marduk and Tiamat began with a confrontation. Tiamat wanted to avenge the death of her husband, and Marduk stood up for the other gods. Even then, the Sumerians described Tiamat in the form of a huge dragon. Marduk divided it into two parts, one part became heaven, the second became earth.

Whether Nibiru actually exists or not is unknown. Whether it was a planet or a star also remains a mystery. But the connection between Nibiru and Marduk is obvious. Thus, the assumption that the Anunnaki will somehow fly to Earth with the help of Nibiru seems strange. 

The Anunnaki in Sumerian mythology were gods of the second rank. In the creation myth of mankind, the Anunnaki rebelled and refused to work. The god of the underworld, Enki, was forced to create the first man. His son, the creator god Marduk, was not Anunnaki, and it is under his control that Nibiru is located. And this suggests that the Anunnaki will definitely not fly to Nibiru and the Earth will not be under their influence.

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