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Eight Immortal Sumerian Lords Ruled Our Planet for 244,000 Years – They Came From the Stars

Recently, a series of copies of a single manuscript, scattered throughout Mesopotamia, was discovered.

This manuscript spoke of a list of eight Sumerian kings who ruled the entire planet for a period of 244,000 years.

The manuscript describes very clearly every king who ruled our planet in ancient times.

It seems that they came from the stars and landed on our planet.

Also known as the “List of Sumerian Kings”, this sensational manuscript gives us details about our distant past that has been forgotten.

The first king is called Alulim and he ruled 28,800 years.

The second king was called Alaljar and he ruled for about 36,000 years.

And in total there were 8 kings who ruled in 5 different ancient cities for 244,000 years.

It seems impossible to imagine how a king could live for tens of thousands of years, but if we consider that these kings “came from the stars,” then they could be extremely advanced extraterrestrial beings, with a technology that could it helps to become almost immortal.

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In the mysterious manuscript, there are details about the death of these beings. It seems that everyone died during the “Great Flood” that devastated the Earth.

Watch the following video and see for yourself:


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