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The secret of the Vatican behind the 7 Seals. Who do all the Elites of society serve?

The Vatican is a closed mini-state with a population of about 2,000 people. Since time immemorial, it has been shrouded in legends and myths. It is known that Paul V created secret archives that are still active today. Access to the repository is strictly limited, and only officials and scientists can get there by special invitation. Every major government organization must have a secret service to ensure its security.

The Vatican, the spiritual capital of all Catholics in the world, is no exception. It is believed that its archives contain answers to all the riddles of the modern world. Agents of the Holy See actively influence world politics. There is no shortage of questions either. For example, why do the priests of the Church need a telescope called “Lucifer”? Is it true that the Vatican helped Nazi Germany, helped organize the revolution in Russia? And what is the Vatican hiding? Also, on October 28, 2019 in Colosseum, which is famous for the martyrdom of Christians, a satanic statue of Moloch, the infamous god associated with sacrifices, has been installed.

The official explanation is this: The statue of Moloch, worshiped by the Canaanites, is part of an exhibition dedicated to the once great rival city of Carthage. The large-scale exhibition “Carthage: an immortal legend” will run until March 29, 2020. To welcome visitors to the exhibition, which coincided with the closing ceremony of the Synod, a recreation of Moloch, a fearsome god associated with the Phoenician and Carthaginian religions, was installed at the entrance to the Colosseum. 

The installation of the statue also coincided with Halloween on October 31 and All Saints’ Day, which has its roots in the pagan holiday of Samhain. And again the question arises: the statue was made of hollow bronze as a set for the film “Caberia” in 1914.

The secret of the Vatican behind the 7 Seals.  Who do all the Elites of society serve?

In one of the scenes of the movie, the priests are shown using the statue. The film was directed by the Italian director Giovanni Patrone, who was interested in the purely technical aspects of the subject. However, in creating the script and texts of priestly chants, he was assisted by Count Gabriel de Anonsa, Duke of Montinevos, Duke of Gale, a 33rd degree Freemason. 

One of the movie’s most shocking scenes is the giant temple of Moloch, depicted with a giant three-eyed head of the manifold as the entrance to the infamous temple. In the footage of the film, hundreds of small children can be seen ready to die as victims of the evil god Moloch. And in this temple, full of occultists, we see a huge seated statue of the winged god Moloch, displayed in front of the entrance to the Colosseum on the dark side. Here we begin to understand who the Vatican really serves, and a little later we will confirm this with a few more facts.

The secret of the Vatican behind the 7 Seals.  Who do all the Elites of society serve?

One of the main orders of the Vatican is the Order of the Jesuits. This order is behind the falsification of world history, the destruction and concealment of authentic Vatican writings and ancient artifacts. 

The Jesuits actively collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II and managed to protect more than a third of Nazi criminals from punishment after the end of the war. Schellenberg, head of the Security Service, noted in his memoirs that Himmler had a better and larger collection of books than this vast literature.

Therefore, he organized the SS in accordance with the principles of the Jesuit order. In doing so, he used the charter of the order and the works of Ignatius Loyola. The highest law was absolute obedience, unconditional obedience to any order. Himmler himself was a General of the Order in his capacity as Reichsführer-SS. The leadership structure was similar to the hierarchical system of the Catholic Church. The Vatican was not only the center of Catholicism, but also the residence of the high priests of an incomprehensible satanic sect that worshiped Lucifer.

The Irish Jesuit Junior Martin, in particular, wrote repeatedly on this subject. Since he did not accept the decision of the Council and remained faithful to the Catholic tradition, in 1965 he left the Jesuit order and ceased his ministry. In his books, he laid out everything he knew, describing in detail the process by which Freemasonry infiltrated the Vatican and took control of the Church, which led to the decline of Christian doctrine and the perversion of morality and ethics. 

As we have seen, the Vatican fell under the power of Satanists already in the 1960s, and this is precisely what the active ecumenical activity of globalists in recent decades is connected with, set out in their plan to establish a new world order that will lead to the unification of all religions in a single globalist Church of Satan. This allows you to see that the Vatican is a religious ideological center,

The secret of the Vatican behind the 7 Seals.  Who do all the Elites of society serve?

As self-taught as Pope was, his addiction to dark structures was so strong that he consistently followed a predetermined course. He not only gave up the crown, but also left the underworld. The pope also changed the papal cross. He was the first to use a scepter with a twisted cross and a distorted figure of Christ. 

Such crosses were used by medieval black magicians to depict the mark of the biblical beast and are considered by scientists as an ancient satanic symbol. It was revived by Paul VI and passed on to successive popes, including Francis. 

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The Auditorium of the Vatican, known as the Auditorium of Paul VI, built for the Pope in 1964-1971 by the architect Pierre, also has sinister imagery. The monolithic reinforced concrete building with sulfur arches was intended for general audiences of the Pope and other public events.

It is interesting that the stage with the papal throne is still located on the territory of the Vatican, and the main part of the hall is on the territory of Italy. The latter, however, has an extraterritorial status. The Paul VI Hall, also known as the Papal Audience Hall is devoid of Christian symbols; the curvilinear shape of its vault resembles the snout of a snake.

As already mentioned, the ecumenical activity of the Vatican is aimed at the implementation of one of the necessary elements of the new world order – the creation of one world religion – Satanic. All this is described in detail by former British intelligence officer John Colliman in his book The Committee of 300. 

A key role in the financial prosperity of Catholicism was played by the Vatican Bank – a closed financial institution that regulated the flow of money to the church. Its history began in the second quarter of the 20th century with donations from all over Europe, including Italy and Germany under Mussolini and Hitler.

A large amount of funds was placed by the Vatican in the banks of Europe. However, the outbreak of World War II could lead to the confiscation of accounts associated with one side or another. It was at this point that the idea of ​​creating the Vatican Bank came to the papal financial advisers. 

The new financial institution was named the Institute of Religious Affairs, outside Italian jurisdiction, which ensured complete anonymity for all depositors, including, according to experts, the Italian mafia. The money received by the Church from investments around the world was no exception. 

This anonymity continues to this day. Once the money is invested, it is almost impossible to trace it. Many Italian Catholics with ties to Italian businessmen are keen to maintain bank secrecy.

The secret of the Vatican behind the 7 Seals.  Who do all the Elites of society serve?

Thus, the Institute of Religious Affairs organizes financial flows in previously unknown volumes, avoiding taxes and allowing top church leaders to calmly talk about low incomes. The disclosure of the Institute’s actual financial transactions would be another blow that could directly affect the amount of donations collected from congregations around the world. 

On May 14, 2014, the Pope announced that he was ready to baptize aliens if they came to the Vatican. He also said: Who are we to close our doors to anyone, even Martians? 

We come to the following conclusion: the world is preparing for an alien contact, but, most likely, not with aliens, but with demons disguised as guests from outer space.

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