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The book of Thoth and the great Arcana of Tarot

The book of Thoth and the great Arcana of Tarot 37

The incredible civilization of ancient Egypt lasted longer than the entire span of what we have come to accept as recorded history. In this article we discuss all the information we could gather about the book of Thoth

book of Thoth

The patron of writing for the Egyptians was the god Thoth. As a “scribe of the gods” he acted as an intermediary between gods and people; he was also the god of wisdom, writing, counting, the patron saint of holy books and sciences. Besides all this, he is credited with creating a calendar. Therefore, the Egyptians called their writing “the writing of the word of God.”
Plato attributed to God Thoth such human discoveries as numbers, geometry, astronomy, and the alphabet. And he possessed such magnificent knowledge because he was the heir to the lost civilization of Atlantis; God Thoth was the author of over 36,000 books on magic, astrology, medicine and alchemy.

The Egyptians had their own written language already three thousand years before the beginning of a new era. The Book of Thoth belongs to that time. At the time of the birth of ancient Egyptian civilization, this book was in the hands of priests. Thoth was a male deity with the head of the sacred ibis bird. According to legend, it was he who invented writing and led biographies of the ancient gods.

The most famous of Thoth’s books – “The Emerald Tablet ” with the symbols of the ancient language of Atlantis carved on it – was written about two hundred thousand years ago. According to legend, in the 4th century BC, it was found by Alexander the Great, desecrating the grave of Thoth in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Together with him, the Egyptian priests rested in the grave.

Studies have shown that it took 78 gold plates to write the Emerald Tablet. However, the gold tablets were soon lost and the sacred text was copied many times on papyrus. Most of the copies were destroyed by the Holy Inquisition, but some still survived. One of the copies is now stored in the Alexandria Library in Egypt. There are opinions of some scholars that the Atlanteans had their hand in this manuscript: it was thanks to the knowledge received from them that the Egyptians were able to create such a highly developed civilization.

They tried to copy the book to papyrus, but all copies were ruthlessly destroyed, in particular, by the medieval Inquisition – as a source of heresy, and then the original was lost. According to vague rumors, the Book of Thoth describes methods that help to gain powers not only in our world, but also in other worlds. The texts of the great book should help to resurrect the dead, communicate at a distance and do many more things inaccessible to people today.

But some believe, that the ancient Egyptian civilization, was inherited part of the lost knowledge, of the civilization of Atlantis after its destruction.

During that millennium, the ancient Egyptians developed a multitude of esoteric practices, which we are not yet able to understand.

The hidden knowledge of the spiritual and esoteric of ancient Egypt far exceeds the knowledge we have today.

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It is believed that the root of this knowledge, was channeled and given to the ancient Egyptians, by an incredible being and it is unclear if he was a god, human or something else.

This being is known as Hermes Trismegisto, or thought, who was known in Egyptian mythology, as the god Thoth, and in the Greek as the god Hermes.

This mysterious being, known for living in ancient Egypt before he was revered as a god, was the first great Egyptian philosopher and founder of the ancient mystery school of Thoth.

He was considered the one who gave us written numbers, the arts of self-cultivation through works of conscience.

It is said that he received his wisdom while in deep meditative trance, and thus wrote more than 40 books, including the emerald tablet , the book of Thoth.

book of Thoth

It is said that the book of Thoth reveals the secrets of the universe, and the knowledge achieved through awakening certain areas of the brain that contains the secret knowledge of the incarnation process, and many other universal secrets.

Only priests with special training were allowed access to the book. Imhotep, builder of the first pyramid, was also allowed this sacred knowledge.

Nobody knows where the book of Thoth is, but some consider that the book of Thoth is in the astral plane and is not something physical, to access it you have to travel inside your conscience.

This is probably one of the oldest incidences of channeling, where an individual would enter a special state of consciousness, to contact universal knowledge or the source.

The topics that Hermes Trismegisto covered, vary from medicine, chemistry, laws, arts, music, geography, philosophy, magic and rhetoric. The knowledge of the Egyptians, was so vast, that they first began to accredit him as the communicator between the gods and them.

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It is said that the book of Thoth contains several spells, one of which allows the reader to understand the speech of the creatures and allows them to see the divine beings.

The legend says that that person who deciphers the essence of the book will acquire the way of interpreting from the inside, the privileged ideas about the earth, the air, the ocean, the celestial bodies, and the connection between them all.


The book of Thoth and the great Arcana of Tarot 38The French writer, historian and philosopher Jacques Bergier wrote in the book “Cursed Books” that, according to legend, in the 15th century, a secret society that owned the Book of Thoth distributed its summary on public cards – the famous deck of cards for playing the Tarot . The French scientist, occultist, freemason Chur de Jebelin in the book “The Primeval World” says that he gained access to the ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth, which survived after the destruction of Alexandria.

At the end of the XVIII century, Antoine Court de Gébelin theorized that the Tarot cards concluded universal knowledge and the secrets of the priests of ancient Egypt, and the word “tarot” means “royal road”. In the next century, the French occultist Eliphas Levy associated Tarot with Jewish Kabbalah , the complex system of mysticism and magic that originated in medieval Spain and became the basis of occultism.

Taro has long been associated with secret mystical knowledge. At all times, people engaged in secret mystical and magical practices from ancient priests and magicians to medieval alchemists and modern mystics have studied this mysterious system of symbols.

The book of Thoth and the great Arcana of Tarot 39The text of the Book of Thoth has reached us in the form of Tarot cards . It is believed that 78 Tarot cards came from 78 gold tablets , pages of the Book of Thoth, written by Thoth – Hermes . In the traditions of the hermetic (esoteric) orders, it is mentioned that 22 paintings of the TARO Senior Arcana were depicted on the walls of 22 rooms of the Egyptian temple, in which the students of the magicians were ordained into secret mysteries.

One of the most popular in the world is the Tarot of Thoth , created by the English occultist Alistair Crowley in collaboration with the artist Frida Harris . Each card represents an independent work of art, but all together they form a magical universe model of Crowley, in which intertwined the Tree of Life and letters of the Hebrew Kabbalah, European astrology, alchemy, the Chinese ” I Ching “ , the Greek and Egyptian mythology.

Many books have been written on the Tarot of Thoth, but the most valuable is the Book of Thoth by Alistair Crowley, which summarizes: the structure of the Tarot, detailed descriptions of the symbolism of each of the 78 cards, and esoteric philosophy.

The book of Thoth and the great Arcana of Tarot 40As the French occultist Eliphas Levy wrote : “All religions have preserved the memory of one primary book written by the hieroglyphs of the sages of the first centuries of the world, whose symbols, being subsequently simplified, served as Scripture in letters, the Word as categories, and occult philosophy as its mysterious signs.”

Vladimir Shmakov in the book “The Holy Book of Thoth. The Great Arcana of the Tarot “ wrote:” Sealed in symbols, the doctrine of truth has come down to us in an ancient monument of human thought, the origin of which is lost in the fog of centuries. This monument is the Holy Book of Thoth, the Great Arcana of the Tarot.

There is nothing new in the world, human civilization moves in a spiral, and from century to century, people go along the same paths. The history we are taught embraces only a tiny part of the true complete history, it did not preserve the memory of the former brilliant eras of human life and activity both in the world of the spirit and in the world of the mind . ”

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It is the most prominent among the mystery books, the book of Thoth is a sacred and secret book of the ancient Egyptians, it is one of the unique spiritual tools that were introduced to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.


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