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You need to know this “for the next few months”

You need to know this "for the next few months" 35

What if the apocalypse is near? What would happen if society collapsed? What would you do if there was nobody to help you or your family?

You need to know this "for the next few months" 36

Being prepared for disaster involves more than just worrying: you need to be prepared for realistic scenarios and ready for the unpredictable.

The world as we know could go to hell at any moment. It is a philosophy with which the Americans and the rest of the powers lived daily during the Cold War.

A nuclear exchange; an economic collapse like the one in September 2008 that was worse; a hurricane like Katrina that left citizens to their fate …

Could you survive three months in such a situation? It is the deadline estimated by the authorities to restore order or take the first measures in the event of a disaster.

The minimum period for which the preppers are ready: fire, food, water. They are the three starting points of a community of people who will not be caught off guard by the end of the world.

Store enough supplies to survive 90 days

Surviving after a major apocalyptic event will not be a short-term thing; you will have no alternative but that.

Hopefully, however, storing 3-month supplies will be enough to settle in and learn new self-sufficient habits.

The more time you spend creating a plan for when disaster strikes, the better. When you’re preparing your supplies, keep two categories in mind: basic and day-to-day survival.

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Stock up on basic survival items

Consider storing the following things:

  • containers with water
  • canned products
  • some vacuum sealed products
  • a blanket and a pillow
  • medicines
  • a weapon that you know how to use well
  • a knife (in addition to the weapon)
  • long-sleeved clothing for warmth (if your weather needs it)
  • backpack for your things (to move fast or run away)

Store the necessary supplies to survive day by day

Consider taking these items with you:

  • batteries
  • flashlights
  • matches
  • pot (for cooking and for boiling water)
  • plastic eating utensils (plate, cup, spoon and fork)
  • rope or twine
  • Map
  • permanent markers (something to write with)
  • change of clothes
  • can opener
  • lighters
  • camp stove and propane
  • normal or hand ax
  • first aid book
  • Sunglasses
  • American tape
  • luminous sticks
  • boots
  • additional pants
  • Smartphone
  • water filters
  • other objects for your comfort

Prepare an emergency kit

Whether you’re running from cannibals, meat-eating superbugs, zombies, or a meteorite, you have to think about your health. Here is a list of what you have to carry in your emergency kit:

  • adhesive bandages (eg band-aids)
  • gas
  • adhesive tape
  • ibuprofen (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAIDs)
  • paracetamol (over-the-counter pain reliever)
  • antihistamine
  • aspirin (over-the-counter pain reliever)
  • laxative
  • iodine
  • sanitizer
  • candles
  • a multipurpose tool
  • charger for your phone (preferably solar)
  • wood to burn
  • towels
  • life jackets (if your area is prone to flooding)
  • extra warm clothing
  • paper towels
  • solar charger
  • pet food (enough for about 30 to 90 days)
  • tweezers
  • dressings
  • safety pins or safety pins
  • thermometer
  • Super glue
  • toothpicks or needles
You need to know this "for the next few months" 37

Stay healthy against everything

You’re going to deal with everything from cuts to dysentery. Hospitals will cease to exist and common problems will seem much more complicated.

If you or a family member has a specific disease, stock up on appropriate medications.

Get ready to deal with the dirtiest part of long-term survival

This is a nice way of saying “everyone has to go to the bathroom.” To keep hygiene from being a problem, pack the following:

  • toilet paper (a couple of rolls will suffice)
  • menstruation products
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • plastic garbage bags and ribbons to tie them
  • shovel or trowel
  • bleach
  • soap and shampoo

Prepare a communication system

Everyone in the house, as well as close family and friends, must have a communication system to get in touch. With a radio, you can tell them secret locations.

Keep batteries in your radio. The last thing you want to do is brag about being prepared when you really aren’t.

If you have a loved one to care for, make sure they have a radio instead of you not keeping both for both of you.

If all else fails, improvise to contact others. Now is the time to use your permanent markers!

If the apocalypse comes and you left home, write on the wall where you are going, when you left and when you will return on a rock or on a car, wherever you can write.

Learn to hunt

Become a master in the art of setting traps. If you really have no experience with it, you will need everything that nature offers you.

If you are in the ocean or near a body of water, go fishing conventionally or with the fly method. Your supply of baked beans and spaghetti is not going to increase miraculously.

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Become a Robin Hood and start honing your bow skills. Once you are a master of archery, learn how to create your own bow.

Stay positive

This is without a doubt the most difficult thing, especially if you are alone or hurt. Ultimately, however, this situation will be easier to deal with if you remain optimistic. And if there are children with you, all the more reason.

Don’t let ethics get in the way of your identity. The rules are different now. Just because you decided to leave someone you couldn’t follow to avoid more losses on your team doesn’t mean you’re ruthless.

Evaluate your morale as you see fit, but understand that the world is a very different place now and you must adapt to stay alive and active.


You can’t trust police officers (whether real or false) in an apocalypse.

People will form groups in order to get the resources they need to survive, achieving some security due to their large numbers. Keep this in mind and recognize that mass mentality.

Expect people to practice cannibalism due to lack of food.

Don’t waste bullets. Weapons require bullets, so if you waste them, you will probably die during an attack.

The criminal element that was once locked up in local and federal jails will now be free on the streets. The best thing at this juncture is to assume the worst of human beings.

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Never announce your preparedness plans to coworkers, friends, or distant family members. They probably won’t brace themselves and once their survival instincts come out, they will turn on you or worse they will try to take your supplies from you.

Rivers and lakes will be contaminated with human fecal matter that comes from overflow water treatment plants and sewers. Diseases like typhoid and anger will hit again hard.

Print this article

If society were to collapse, print this article for your reference. The internet will go down before electricity, so having this article on paper is going to greatly improve your chances of survival.


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