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The Giants of Monte Prama: extraterrestrial robots thousands of years ago?

The Giants of Monte Prama: extraterrestrial robots thousands of years ago? 33

The Giants of Monte Prama are sculptures between two and two and a half meters created by the Nuragic civilization, which inhabited the island of Sardinia between the eighteenth and second century BC

Giants of Monte Prama

Researchers have not yet agreed on whether these Nuragians were originally from the island itself or on the contrary they can be related to the Sea Peoples, which ravaged the Mediterranean coast between the fourteenth and thirteenth centuries BC In the latter case they would have arrived in Sardinia after being defeated in their failed invasion of Egypt between the 13th and 12th centuries BC

The Giants or Colossi, as some scholars have called them, were found in 1974 near the town of Cabras, west of the island. They represent warriors, archers, and fighters with shields. One of its most outstanding features, in addition to its large size, is the eyes formed by two concentric discs.

It is not known whether they represent mythological heroes or gods. The finding occurred next to a tomb of the same era, so it is believed that they were arranged around it as guardians. But this is not too clear either. They may well have belonged to a nearby temple not yet found.

In March 2015, after 40 years of study and restoration, the Giants were exposed to the public in the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari

The Giants of Monte Prama: extraterrestrial robots thousands of years ago? 34

In total, with the more than five thousand pieces found, some 33 Giants could be rebuilt. 2 new pieces were found in September 2016, with the particularity that they are complete and intact. A third part may be buried more deeply according to radar surveys.

The novelty that these last two discovered Giants bring is that, unlike those found above, they carry their shields attached to the side and not over the head. A position that is very similar to that of a small Nuragic bronze from the same period found in Viterbo (north of Rome), whose date is known with certainty: 9th century BC

If the connection were proven true, we would be facing the oldest example of colossi (giant statues) found in the Mediterranean, several centuries earlier than the Greek colossi.

And there is more because scholars believe that the Giants must have worn masks, very similar to those used today in the traditional celebrations of Sardinia. Although these were not exactly the same, that would show that some ancestral rites and traditions have survived on the island for more than 3,000 years.

What do you think about the Giants of Monte Prama? Would they be representations of robots? Leave your comment below!


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