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Do you know the list of Illuminati commandments? Here are all the details

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An anonymous character who claims to have spent forty-seven years in the upper echelons of the shadowy organization known as the Illuminati has issued a statement to share with the world the secret list of Illuminati commandments and some hard and deeply disturbing truths about this elusive group.

Secret list revealed

Do you know the list of Illuminati commandments?  Here are all the details

The anonymous stated that his conscience simply does not allow him to remain silent about the ruthless and horrifying plans of the organization to which he once devoted his life. He said he retired because he “couldn’t take it anymore” and that his mission now was to make sure the people of Earth were aware of the sinister plans brewing beneath the surface.

One of the most compelling features of the series of confessions released by this former Illuminati member is the unique code that all members of the Illuminati must live by. These commandments confirm what many people have long suspected about the spiritual makeup of the organization: membership in the Illuminati is associated with deep satanic overtones. It is believed that Lucifer, whom members of the Illuminati call the “bearer of light”, created two forms of people.

Members of the Illuminati are taught that they belong to a higher caste, chosen to control and dominate the rest of the world, which is called “human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, ridiculed and killed.”

One of the methods that the Illuminati apparently used to mock the so-called human cattle is by constantly putting the truth about them and their plans for the world in front of everyone . Then they can sit and laugh while other people subject those who tell the truth about them to ridicule and harassment.

While members of the Illuminati clearly find this sort of thing deeply amusing, there is nothing comical about their ultimate goal, according to an anonymous insider. Ultimately, this powerful group plans to enslave the entire human race under the banner of a one world government that they will lead. 

The only way to stop them is for more and more people to become aware of their terrible plans and the methods they are using to carry them out.

Here is the secret list:

9 Illuminati commandments

Do you know the list of Illuminati commandments?  Here are all the details

1. The bearer of light, Lucifer, created only two basic types of people: us, the Illuminati, and human cattle, who are good for nothing but to be enslaved, abused and slaughtered.

2. Achieving a one world government, it is also global slavery. The “killing of human livestock” on an unprecedented scale is a consequence of the second fundamental commandment of the Global Genocide.

3. Let human cattle repeat like a robot that “black is white.”

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4. Truth (hidden) in plain sight. Speak the truth openly to the human cattle and make sure that the cattle do not understand it.

5. Exterminate all true Christians and all Jews as soon as possible. Note: Jews are both a race and a religion.

6. Obey only him.

7. Make human cattle believe that there is no Creator.

8. Endless deception serving nothing but just a simulated reality at the end of the show.

9. Rewrite history to officially turn defeat into victory.


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