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Fallen angels and the origins of evil. The unjustified rejection of the Book of Enoch and Its Astonishing Revelations 

Enoch’s text lines, listing the forbidden knowledge transmitted by the rebellious Guardians to humanity, make one wonder where the heavenly angels got this information from. Why should they work metals, use charms, spells and writing, decorate their bodies, use antimony and have an abortion? None of this is required of the heavenly messengers of God—unless they were human.

Such a discovery of previously unknown knowledge and wisdom is more like the actions of a highly developed race, which transfers some of the carefully guarded secrets to a less developed culture, eager to understand the workings of the world around them. In the same way, some cultures considered civilized, introduced their knowledge to the inhabitants of the distant corners of the world, including such “achievements” as whiskey, clothes, firearms, limited thinking and religious dogmas. 

If the ancient text is taken literally, then it is quite possible that this is exactly what happened – representatives of a highly developed race shared knowledge with a culture standing at a lower stage of development and still struggling for survival.

At first, when these archangels descended to earth and began their ministry, everything was fine: “The stars shone on their guards and rejoiced” (Var. 3:35). It must be said right away that in the biblical tradition the word “stars” in most cases is synonymous with the word “archangels”, from a particularly high rank of Guardians. 

This high status of “Guardians” was granted by the Lord to the archangels, since, according to the Holy Scriptures, He Himself is the main Guardian:

“He Himself, who dwells in heaven, is the guardian and intercessor” (2 Mac. Z, 39).

The guards were seduced by adulterous wives, about whom it is said: “breathes with fornication, she looks with a curious eye, expresses the freedom of the heart in her eyes, smiles, calling with her eyes to fornication, pours out some kind of putrefactive poison from her eyes – something similar to what they say about the basilisk, who with one look kills whoever he looks at.”

The source of this “pernicious poison”, these magical fornication spells is known – it is still the same “seducing the whole universe” “the ancient serpent, called the devil and Satan” (Rev. 12:9). And the Book of Enoch directly indicates that these “guardian angels,” or “Azazel’s bands,” “left the heaven above, the holy places of eternity, and corrupted themselves with women, plunging on earth into great corruption.” 

Deceived by harlots, “they submitted themselves to Satan and deceived all who dwell on the earth” (Enoch 8:64). 

“All the daughters of Cain in their eyes bear fire alone, Before him any giant surrenders.”

“And so they deceived the Watchers before the Flood; for they, the Watchers, constantly seeing these wives, fell into lust for them and had this matter in their thoughts. “The sons of heaven desired them, and said to one another, “Let us choose wives for ourselves from among the sons of men, and let us bear children for ourselves” (Enoch 2:2). “And they took them for their wives, which one they chose” (Gen. 6:2). “And they began to enter among them and mingle with them, and taught them magic and spells, and revealed to them the secrets of cutting roots and trees” (Enoch 2:8). 

Thus, the “daughters of men” acquired secret knowledge, became the first “knowing”, “knowing”, or simply witches on earth.

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The fallen “guardians” who changed the sky told their mistresses new secrets of the female art of seduction. As the Book of Enoch testifies, the fallen archangels taught their chosen ones to use “wrists, and articles of jewelry, to use white, rouge and adorn eyebrows, taught them to decorate with excellent precious stones, and all kinds of non-ferrous materials and precious metals” (Enoch 2,14).

Much later, already in post-Flood times, the prophet Isaiah, as the true new “Watcher of the Lord”, will angrily denounce the same diligent disciples of the fallen angels, but only already “daughters of Zion”, who “walk arrogantly, raising their necks and deceiving their eyes, act majestic tread and rattling chains on their feet. 

The prophet, with his speech, exposes the ancient, not healed to this day, and only the worsening disease of all the “daughters of men”, who still do not want to understand that “the expression on their faces testifies against them, for they openly talk about their sin, like the Sodomites – do not hide. Woe to their souls!” (Isaiah 3:9).

For this service to the demonic art of seduction, the Lord will severely punish each of the “daughters of men.” 

“On that day, the Lord will take away beautiful chains on the legs and stars and little moons, earrings, and necklaces, and a fan, wilted and wrists, and belts, and vessels with perfume, and magic pendants, rings and rings in the nose, outerwear and underwear, and scarves, and purses, light thin wraps and bandages, and bedspreads. And instead of incense there will be a stench, and instead of a belt there will be a rope, and instead of curled hair – baldness, and instead of a wide coat – narrow sackcloth, instead of beauty – a brand ”(Is.3,18; 23).

2. Having not received from the Creator the rights to independent knowledge of the Divine Revelation, the “daughters of men” resolutely overcame this, as it will be later formulated, “gender discrimination” and actively traded in their bodies. 

Modern science, not ready to accept the spiritual causes of this phenomenon of female power, reduces everything to stories about the Amazons, about female warriors. Before the flood, with their charms, they managed to find out heavenly secret knowledge from the fallen angels.

“And the guards came with each other to the daughters of men, slept with them, with these wives, and became defiled, and revealed these sins to them. They taught every wickedness on earth and revealed the heavenly mysteries of the world. And spells were opened to them. And the women gave birth to giants, and through this the whole earth was filled with blood and wickedness” (Enoch 2:2 4:27).

The deceived “sons of God”, the higher “angels, who did not keep the power given to them and left their own dwelling” (Jude 1:6), those “who left the heaven above and the holy places of eternity and debauched themselves with women” (Enoch 3:4 ), generously shared with their mistresses the next “forbidden fruits”.

The leaders of these guards were especially zealous, revealing to earthly harlots the secret mechanisms of the world, magic spells and ways to break spells, recognizing signs and observing the stellar laws and the laws of the movement of the moon, and everything else that falls into the sphere of secret forbidden knowledge, or, in other words, occultism.

So, one of the commanding persons of these guards, named Kasdeya, taught people the art of inducing damage (“blows”) and conspiracies to death: “showed all the evil blows of spirits and demons, blows to the fetus in the womb in order to exterminate it, blows to the soul , biting by a “serpent”, blows inflicted at noon – from the “son of a snake”, named Tabaeth” (Enoch 11,47).

Undivided paganism reigned on earth, the veneration of these fallen celestial demons in the face of “gods”, unity with them, the flowering of magic and sorcery. Man continued to boldly “neglect the Spirit of God” (Gen. 6:3) and with reckless determination tried to penetrate the secrets of the world, regardless of the will of the Creator.

For a long time, the book of Enoch was considered lost, then for another two centuries it was ridiculed and not taken seriously. But now the situation is changing radically, and this is a good change, a harbinger of a fresh wind of change.

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