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A 1932 book predicted the use of the mask to subdue the population

A 1932 book predicted the use of the mask to subdue the population 31

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that is devastating the world, scientists and the media told us that the masks were useless and even dangerous against COVID-19. Now, it is already an obligation to use them. 

After eight months of panic and terror, the world is squarely in the so-called “new normal” . Yet there is nothing “new” or “normal” about an oppressive police state that randomly revokes rights and freedoms while citizens betray each other. And, in societies that dare to call themselves “free” and “democratic” , the “new normal” it is an aberration, a slippery slope towards a global totalitarian regime, the New World Order.

Despite the fact that the scientific community is unable to tell us what the true origin of the virus is or if there is a “cure” , profound and permanent changes are taking place in society. And, for the elite, COVID-19 is the perfect opportunity to create a society rooted in fear, dehumanization, and widespread mistrust of the ‘other’ . And in case anyone still has doubts, the renowned German Ernst Jünger predicted the ubiquity of masks to reinforce conformity and uniformity in a dystopian future society in a novel called “The Worker: Dominion and Form ) » Almost 90 years ago.

Prediction fulfilled

With face masks becoming mandatory in the “new normal,” enforcement measures for people to wear them, both by state agents and citizens, are becoming more dehumanizing and draconian. This is precisely the scenario predicted by the enigmatic German author Ernst Jünger in his 1932 classic. As the doctoral student Thomas Crew details in his article “The Dystopian Age of the Mask” , the “eradication of all individuality” is a theme. recurrent throughout dystopian literature.

This is how the writer George Orwell puts it in his world-renowned novel “1984” when he describes the masses as a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all with the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans … three hundred million people all with the same face. Crew explains that this is the dominant theme in Jünger’s “The Worker,” where the uniformity of the new age is symbolized by the sudden proliferation of the mask in contemporary society.

“It is no coincidence,” Jünger writes. “May the mask begin to play a decisive role in public life again. It appears in many different forms … either as a gas mask, with which they are trying to equip entire populations; either as a mask for sports and high speeds, seen in all racing drivers; either as a safety mask for workplaces exposed to radiation, explosions or narcotic substances. We can assume that the mask will come to assume functions that today we can hardly imagine.”

Ernst Junger: A reading from The Worker aka Der Arbeiter - YouTube

Crew explains how the population has been indoctrinated to believe that the continuation of life, no matter how stifled, atomized, and unworthy, is the only consideration. And given the sudden ubiquity of the mask in 2020, around the world and in a growing number of social contexts, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that this is precisely the kind of development that Jünger predicted. Our willingness to cover our faces reflects the dehumanizing tendencies that, for Jünger, underlie the modern period.

It represents another stage in the degradation of the individual that was made explicit in the First World War. And this shows us that the modern age has the habit of reducing the human being to a functional object. Everything that is not essential, that is, everything that makes us human, is happily discarded. Furthermore, as we are seeing every day, the level of compliance that governments and the media have placed on the population to adopt it means that there is little need for police and security officers to enforce the use of masks. A cowering population, whipped by a frantic desire for obedience, will do it for them.

The meaning of the mask

Jünger was right, the elite does not enforce the use of the mask because they care about your health. According to experts in the field, it is an agenda. We will see that as COVID-19 infections and deaths decline around the world, the masses will seek to return to the old normality. But that is not going to be possible. The widespread use of the mask is the perfect tool to maintain fear and oppression related to the coronavirus.

You don’t have to have college degrees to realize that the mask is a powerful symbol. A person wearing a mask is an amazing sight that affects us on a visceral level. It instantly triggers our deep-seated fear of illness and death. It unconsciously increases our brain’s stress and anxiety levels while alerting us to impending danger. Each masked face is a reminder that things are not normal, that we should be afraid, and that we are still looking for external forces to save us.

book predicted mask use - A 1932 book predicted the use of the mask to subdue the population

On a human level, the mask dehumanizes the people around us. How can we relate and associate with other people if we can’t tell if they are smiling or not? How can we connect with other people if we can only communicate using muffled words through a piece of cloth? We can not. On the contrary, the mask says: Get away from me, I don’t trust you. What about children growing up in this climate? They are being “groomed” to believe that this new normal is … normal. This specific social climate is pure gold for social engineers seeking to profoundly alter society. A society subjected to fear and panic becomes irrational and readily accepts any measure that promises some kind of security.

And this is what is happening now. And to prevent a small handful of the population from altering the “herd”, governments use information censorship laws . An example of this can be found in Spain, where the government published on Thursday what it calls its action procedure against “disinformation” that includes, among other things, “examining the pluralism of the media . ” With this order, he intends to monitor certain media to avoid ‘fake news’ . In other words, “CENSORSHIP”. And it is something we must get used to, because the media will be applied to the rest of the “democratic” countries.

In conclusion

The question we ask ourselves is what it means to look like such a dystopian vision. Are we happy to rationalize our everyday life transformations or are we concerned about the proximity of today’s world to some of the most basic dystopian scenarios?

Be it the call for social isolation, perpetual “surveillance” or mandatory masks, the measures of the last few months represent more than an attack on freedom. They implicitly order us to sacrifice our humanity to save our lives. Welcome to the New World Order.


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