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What UFO secrets do US Presidents Know?

What UFO secrets do US Presidents Know? 31

The topic of (U.S.) presidents and UFOs is tempting enough to make someone invoke the strangest conspiracy claims.

For example, there are aliens in the White House or US presidents have hidden information. Or they are the central players in the alien cover-up. How about claims that some US presidents may have been really aliens.

Presidents and UFOs

So, what’s the truth? How much do presidents really know about UFOs? Do they have the power and authority to speak up and uncover UFOs?

In the movie Independence Day, from 1996, the president was really shocked to learn that an alien spaceship and alien bodies were being kept in a secret facility.

When he found out, he punched his secretary of defense.

Is this approaching the truth? Possibly.

Presidents and the UFO cover-up?

Since 1947, the alien cover-up has been the main point of conversation between UFO researchers and their audience.

It is easy to point the finger at the person who is the commander and chief of the country. But should we look more deeply?

Both ex-presidents, Carter e Reagan, declared that they saw UFOs. The president Clinton he wanted to know the truth and then he made his famous speech.

He personally addressed a young man named Ryan and declared – as far as he knew, no bodies were recovered at Roswell.

Webster Hubbell was appointed by Clinton to discover the truth. He later said in his memoirs that even the president does not have access to all confidential files related to UFOs and aliens.

Wait what?

Is the president helping to cover up UFOs?

During the ARL Online Summit in February, Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), delivered an excellent talk reporting on all US presidents since 1947.

He also spoke briefly about the period before FDR (Roosevelt) died. Bassett spoke about their knowledge and involvement in the UFO cover-up.

The presentation was a good summary of the presidents’ knowledge of UFOs, as we have seen.

Bassett gives his opinion on each of the presidents and their level of knowledge about UFOs.

Since 1996, Stephen Bassett has been at the forefront of the unveiling movement.

O Paradigm Research Group was established in 1996. Breaking a government embargo on the truth about the facts surrounding the presence of an ET involving the human race is not easy. Groups like the PRG are facilitating ways of doing this.

Secrecy about UFOs

Have all presidents since 1947 been guilty of secrecy about UFOs? Or were they just blocked? Can they do anything? Here is Stephen Bassett’s answer:

“Blame it – we’re not going to use that word. All presidents since Roosevelt have helped to build the state of national security.

They helped build a huge intelligence community and protect us from threats. And we have been, without a doubt. So this is not the fault. This is what they did.

Now, what did the presidents know? A significant part or part of the national security state – what the state was dealing with.

A very extraordinary reality that non-human intelligence was in fact involving us in many ways. Some were not so well known in the forties and fifties, but would be known later.

The situation was such that many people had to put aside very strong feelings about it.

And then you had contacted that you were in direct contact with extraterrestrials. Some of which were unpleasant. They had to be completely closed and could not introduce themselves. They had no support.

Then the situation became toxic. It has also become a constitutional crisis because politicians come and go, and lie and cannot be trusted.

I would say that the military intelligence complex does not come and go. It is fundamentally men and women – it is people who make a career out of it. ”

What the President Doesn’t Know

Was the information being diverted to the public? Bassett continued to talk about the military industrial complex and his team:

“They work 30 years at the Pentagon… twenty to thirty years in the military. They don’t come and go and value trust and truth. It is critical to the intelligence community. Okay, but in the intelligence community, you have to know the truth, not rumors from a friend. So they look at the political class and go, you are too dangerous to know that information. We have to hide it from you in everyone’s best interest.

And the total number of things that have been hidden from the President of the United States? God knows how much. And one day we may find out or never. But one thing that they hid from some presidents is the issue of ETs. And then you have it.

I will be doing an extensive interview with the Aliens of the Past series soon about this, UFOs and Presidents.

The story is being written by Larry Holcombe, who wrote a kind of comprehensive book, ‘The Presidents And UFO’s: A Secret History‘. This is a book that Larry Bryant and I were going to write, but the wheels kind of fell off my cart. It was not done. But Grant Cameron wrote a book of UFO stories about the Clintons, which is significant. ”


Bassett then spent the next few minutes giving a brief but excellent summary, starting with FD Roosevelt up to Donald Trump.

During the summary, George H. Bush was singled out by Bassett as a possible candidate for the cover-up, but his defeat for Clinton in the 1992 presidential election stopped that.

It was a fascinating insight into this much-discussed topic of presidents and UFOs among the UFO research community.



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