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Why does Turkey prohibit exploring the mountain Ararat?

Why does Turkey prohibit exploring the mountain Ararat? 31

According to the Holy Scriptures, it is known that Noah made a wooden ark and built it like modern ships. The ship had three decks with bulkheads and interiors, and its hull was tarred outside and inside.

This rescue vessel had very specific dimensions: it was 300 cubits (about 135 meters) long, 50 cubits (about 25 meters) wide and 30 cubits (about 15 meters) high. British University students from Leicester made calculations and found that approximately 70,000 animals could enter such a ship. According to countless legends, the ark “at seventeen days of the seventh month” docked “in the mountains of Ararat”, whose peaks, appearing from the water, were found by a dove.

Now Ararat is called a huge mountain range, which extends 130 kilometers in length. It is located on the border of Iran (Persia) and Armenia, but most of it with two snowy peaks lies within Turkey. The height of the Ararat reaches 5,165 meters from sea level or 4,365 meters from the foot of the mountain to the top.

Mount Ararat can only be considered conditionally – in fact, it is an active volcano with two craters, which erupted in the 19th century – so the melted water entered the crater of the Greater Ararat, which caused a thermal explosion.

History of the search for the ark

The history of the search for the ark, thanks to which humanity was saved, has touched people in the past two centuries. Until the beginning of the 19th century, locals – Persians, Kurds and Armenians – believed that it was impossible to climb the sacred mountain.

In 1828, according to the Turkmanchay peace treaty, Ararat moved from Persia to Russia, and the German Johann Parrot was the first to reach the summit. Over the course of a century, the mountain ark was seen three times – once reported by a shepherd, the second by the Turks (1833) and the third by the English climber James Bryce, who reported on the remains of wood found at a altitude of 4000 meters.

According to unverified data, in 1916 a Russian expedition went up to Ararat, which reported that the ark was found between the peaks of Ararat, according to photos taken by pilot Vladimir Roskovitsky. Supposedly, in the same year, a certain American, Colonel Alexander Coor, also visited the place.

But the expedition’s material disappeared during revolutionary events, and in 1921 Ararat became part of Turkey, and its northern slopes became inaccessible to the Russians.

But the Turks banned access to Ararat and other researchers, and they did so in the most unexpected way. During the Cold War, Ararat was closed for expeditions, but US spy planes hovered over it from time to time, watching the border with the USSR.

American Christian astronaut James Irving, who visited Ararat, spent several years looking for the ark and, according to rumors, in 1982 found the remains of the ark, but Turkish authorities banned further research. Irving took this as a sign from God that the search should be stopped.

Milanese mountaineer Angelo Palego, who visited the mountain 15 times, told Yerevan researcher Ashot Levonyan that in the summer of 1989 he found a ship at 4000 meters above sea level, but when in 2000 he assembled an international expedition to examine the find, the Turks forbade climbing.

In 2003, they denied access to the mountain to Russian explorer Andrei Polyakov. What was the cause of the blockage?

They do not want conflicts with the Kurds

The Turks themselves refer to the fact that bellicose Kurds operate on the slopes of Ararat, which kidnap tourists and demand ransom for them. In the late 1920s, it even existed in the Kurdish Republic of Ararat, which ceased to exist in 1930.

In fact, there are Kurdish settlements at the foot of the mountain; they even organized the Noah’s Ark Museum there. Kurds worship the mountain as sacred, and Christian and Muslim Kurds have no doubt that somewhere on the mountainside there is an ark.

Kurds believe that this is their mountain, call Noah Nuh and consider themselves the successors of Old Testament history.

Do not want to conflict with the Armenians

Perhaps the Turkish authorities understand that Ararat, as a recent “gift” from the Bolsheviks, belongs to them. The volcano is still a symbol of Armenia, and the Turks even tried to contest the fact of the mountain’s image on the Armenian SSR’s coat of arms, but they failed: the mountain is still on the country’s coat of arms.

Believe in prophecy

According to Islamic prophecies, the ark of the biblical Noah will be found shortly before the end of the world, and perhaps that is why the authorities of the Muslim country are in no hurry to give the search a green light. Perhaps that is why it is almost impossible to reach the north side of the volcano, where the ark is supposed to be located.

No matter what happens

Perhaps the Turks are tired of paying attention to the mountain, which is in the border area, whose entrance is only through passages. They may not want to bear the cost of rescue operations for climbers who have been lost or caught in bad weather.

The kidnapping or disappearance of athletes from America, Europe or Russia in such an area can damage the country’s reputation.

In any case, in the 21st century Ararat is only open once a year, in August. Certified climbers can follow a single route on the south side of the mountain, which is guarded by the Turkish military, but on which you will definitely not find an ark. Tourists have no other way to reach the mountain.

However, the well-known Russian researcher in search of the ark, says that the mountain is closed to European, Russian and Armenian scientists, but not to Americans. He is sure that Ararat will be examined by the Americans. Led by Professor Bright, they research at an altitude of 4,000 meters and above and drill through the ice in search of Noah’s Ark.



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