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Are there laboratories for breeding Homo Aquaticus? Amphibian Man – already a reality?

Back in the 19th century, science fiction writers dreamed that people could live not only on earth, but also in the sky, as well as in the abyss of the seas. 

It must be said that even the famous ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau claimed in 1962 that in 40-50 or 100 years people will have an operation that allows them to breathe underwater. A miniature device that supplies blood with oxygen was tried to be developed by the Japanese in the mid-90s. This would allow people to be under water without restrictions.

Despite the fact that in countries such as the USA, Japan, the USSR / Russia, Israel and Italy there were real attempts to create a new kind of people, no tangible result was achieved. But, is this really true or is the truth hidden from the public? 

A loud scandal erupted in 1984 in the United States, when documents about an attempt to create a unit of amphibian people called “Fishman” or “Man-Fish” were accidentally discovered during a fire in the CIA archives.

Fish Man Project.
Fish Man Project.

They were not implanted with any devices. Experts chose to go the other way. According to the calculations of scientists involved in this most difficult task, the problem of breathing under water could be solved with the help of artificial gills. It became known about 30 volunteers who allegedly volunteered for a series of complex operations. 

Out of 30 people, only one survived. His name is Simon Boyd. He was lucky, because the chief surgeon of the project simply did not have time to get to him and died of a heart attack. Only in 2010, before his death, Simon shared information that he participated in the Fish Man project, but, by a lucky chance, survived.

Of course, the temptation was extremely great, because it made it possible to descend to depths of up to half a mile or more without any equipment. But, alas, the creation of an amphibious man turned out to be an unattainable goal, at least at that time. Today, there are more than 1,500 secret medical laboratories in the world. Their activities are not reliably known and are hidden behind seven seals. What they do there, no one knows.

Japanese researcher Keisuke Miyaito believes that scientists in several countries around the world have managed to implant real gills in people. And already today there are dozens or even hundreds of people who are able to swim to great depths without needing oxygen tanks. 

This became possible due to several factors. It turned out that engrafting the gills is not enough. Only after artificial analogues of the spleen and liver were built into the body, for additional help to the organs, did the system work.

Are people with gills a reality?
Are people with gills a reality?

Thus, it is quite possible that people who saw ichthyanders, mermaids or sirens on the high seas actually encountered the result of secret experiments and developments of scientists. A person with such abilities will be able to stay under water for hours. 

This could prove to be a major advantage, both militarily and help in the study of marine fauna and flora. Although to date no one has officially admitted to the successful conduct of such operations, many experts are sure that this is no longer a fantasy, but quite a reality.

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