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Berkshire case: an “unsolved mystery” of UFO sightings and multiple abductions

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 49

On the night of September 1, 1969, about 40 people in Berkshire County, Massachusetts (USA) reported seeing a flying saucer, while many others claimed to have been abducted.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 50

This incident has recently been included in the episode list of the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries (Unsolved Mysteries), the famous docuserie that exposes cases of missing persons, unsolved homicides and unexplained phenomena. If you have not seen it, we recommend you see it before continuing reading this article.

Officially recognized

The Berkshire UFO event had been forgotten, until it became relevant again in 2015, after the Great Barrington Historical Society included the account of the close encounter of one of the main witnesses in its files. The decision to recognize the incident as of historical value was based on the large number of reports received by local radio (WSBS) and the multiple UFO testimonies from people from different towns in the region: Sheffield, Great Barrington, Stockbridge and Egremont – some of which were submitted to the polygraph with results that point to a truthfulness of 99.1% –

Many of Berkshire’s residents were only children when the strange events occurred that night in 1969, and only a few, as adults, dared to comment on what had happened to them for fear that they would be treated as crazy, something that the fifth episode of the new Unsolved Mysteries in Netflix seeks to solve.

“Our producer found out about the Berkshire incident by doing an intense UFO investigation. What intrigued us about the story is that there were so many people who sighted the object, and that not all of them went out to expose it for fear of ridicule. It was a story that hadn’t been told before, “said executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer, who along with John Cosgrove produced the original series that premiered in 1987 and aired for 11 seasons, totaling 260 episodes and nearly 1,000. stories.

Abductions and wasted time

According to Berkshire neighbors, the object in question was shaped like a saucer, flattened at the bottom, and performed aerobatic maneuvers in midair.

It is unclear how long this UFO has been stalking people, but many who encountered it describe having had episodes of lost time (or Oz factor) —Something common in abduction cases where the victim only remembers a few minutes of an experience that lasted hours or vice versa, having spent many hours when it was only minutes.

And it is that in Berkshire not only was there a massive sighting of the same flying object, but several residents assure that they were taken inside it.

In the docuserie of Netflix, several testimonies that show that it was so are shown. The first one is Jane Green, who was returning with her friend Mary DeGrace from Stockbridge to Great Barrington.

“We were driving, I saw a lot of lights and I said:” It must be due to an accident, there must be many patrol cars there, look at those lights, “she says when interviewed. “As I got closer, I was no longer able to drive because the lights were so bright, so I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed that the car in front did too.”

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 51

Stockbridge to Great Barrington

And then Green tells the most interesting thing: «I got out of the car and my friend too. A huge object was floating right there, and he couldn’t see where it ended, either to the right or to the left. It was huge and tall, I didn’t see that it had windows and, most striking, it didn’t make any noise either; There was no motor, it was just there.

Then the witness only remembers seeing how the object rose and was lost in the direction of the mountain.

The following testimony is that of Tom Warner, and it’s even more amazing. As a child, too, he was being cared for at home by his neighbor Debbie when, suddenly, he went to the window and felt a voice in his head ordering him to return home – telepathic orders are another common feature of abductions— .

I ran out the door. I felt an energy within me that was the fear of telepathy that I had just experienced, and I just wanted to get home, “says Warner in the documentary.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 52

Tom Warner. Crédito: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

But, in his career home something very strange happened. According to the nanny, the little boy was paralyzed in one place. “He kept moving his legs like he was running, but for five minutes he didn’t move from the same place,” says Debbie.

It was there when Warner claims to have seen the object and a beam of light come out at him. When the light shone on my arms, they went back. It was as if I had run out of air.

At that time, according to Debbie, the boy disappeared.

The next thing Warner remembers is being inside the ship for a while, where there were other children like him. Finally, his experience ended when he was returned a few steps from where he had been abducted, being neatly deposited on the ground by the same beam of light that had paralyzed and “sucked” him.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 53

Drawing made by Tom Warner about his boy abduction. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries / Netflix

“When I looked up, there was a beam of light above me. My brother, who was behind, yelled at me to run, but I couldn’t do it, the light kept me on the ground. Then the telepathic voice said to me, “I’ll be done in a minute.” And in a minute the light beam went out and I was able to move.

According to the babysitter, all this happened in a span of only 7 minutes …

Next on the list is Melanie Kirchdorfer, who was 12 years old at the time. According to him, he traveled with his family in a car and, after buying ice cream, they decided to go to the banks of Lake Mansfield to park and enjoy it together.

“And a radiant and luminous aura appeared out of nowhere. My father looked at what was out there and exclaimed, “Shit!” We wonder what that is and start screaming. My father wanted to chase him while my mother tried to convince me and my sister that he was just a shooting star, but he wasn’t! “Says Melanie.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 54

Melanie Kirchdorfer. Crédito: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix.

Immediately after, and during the brief chase, Melanie remembers that the car began to levitate, being the next thing to be inside the ship.

And this is where a meaningful and confirmatory connection is established between the abductees. Warner certainly remembers seeing Melanie among the children who were on the ship when they brought him to him.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 55

Melanie and Tom at the age they were abducted

Upon being returned, Melanie appeared at the lake alone, and had to walk home.

Mother for grandmother

Another of the Berkshire UFO abductees was Thomas Reed, one of the few who was not afraid to speak about his experience and as an adult he even erected a monument to remember the event – removed a few years ago by the municipal government from being on public property.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 56

Monument to the UFO event erected next to the Sheffield Covered Bridge, now retired

According to the story of Reed, who was only 9 years old at the time, that day he was traveling by car with his mother, grandmother and brother, after having eaten at the restaurant Village on the Green. As he recalls, they suddenly watched a huge ball of light rise from behind some trees on the side of the desolate highway.

The light continued to grow in magnitude among the trees as the family crossed the Sheffield covered bridge, not knowing what awaited them on the other side.

“We all saw it because it was like a kind of contained glow. It rose a little and seemed to follow the dirt road as we saw it through the trees. When he reached a clearing, the light shone brightly and the car lit up like daylight, “says Reed.

Then a golden glow emerged on both sides of the road… The next thing Reed remembers is being in a hangar-like place that was bigger than a soccer field.

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 57

Thomas Reed (left) at 9 years old, along with his brother.

“We came across something that definitely did not belong in this world,” he continues. “In those days, we had a black and white television at home, but the images we saw of this thing were incredible. There were lights that looked like fluorescent tubes inside this hangar. The walls were sloping, it was not typical of 1969 or even today, more than 50 years later “.

Glimpses of this strange place invaded his brain until he realized he was back in the car with his family. However, something was out of place, her grandmother, who never drove, was in the driver’s seat and her mother in the passenger seat. A little oversight from the UFO hijackers … In addition to 3 hours past that seemed like only 15 minutes.


We have an incident with multiple witnesses that are not limited to the sighting of a little light in the sky. The object is specifically described as a saucer by eyewitnesses from various towns in the same county. Phenomena are manifested that point to a technology capable of stopping or dominating space-time. And we also have a subsequent recognition by the authorities, admitting the magnitude of the incident and that something out of this world took place in that rural area of ​​the United States.

A real headache for the most recalcitrant skepticism, which surely seeks to attribute everything to a collective hysteria, perhaps the only thing that would allow them to sleep peacefully, self-convinced that the human species is in control of everything that happens on Earth and no one can. come from outside to show us otherwise.

References: WAMC, ATI, The Berkshire Eagle, Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix).

Berkshire case: an "unsolved mystery" of UFO sightings and multiple abductions 58


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