Because of all this bustle for coronavirus (Covid-19), many readers ask online if Extraterrestrials could interfere with Humanity in this very delicate period!

One of the popular and frequently discussed versions of the Covid-19 pandemic virus conspiracy theory is, in general terms, the “spatial version”, which has many “secondary options”. The main idea of ​​the “SPACE COVID-19” is that the pandemic was organized with the intention of “tightening the screws”, or rather, covering a very important spatial event: the arrival of Nibiru, Extraterrestrial Invasion, Impact of an Asteroid, or a large-scale cosmic event involving the Sun (solar storm or solar flare).

The options for the event may be different, but the purpose of the preparation is the same: isolate people in the cities, block the media, mobilize an army / police, get authority for actions that go against those who violate the imposed laws for pandemic quarantine, which violate human rights at the same time.

We will not explore all these hypothetical versions, but we will only remember the importance of what is happening in the sky, especially in light of the fact that many things have been happening above us in our skies recently.

The “SPACE Covid-19” version was preceded by numerous messages through contactors, including messages received before the epidemic. According to them, at the height of the epidemic, the “aliens” will descend from the sky and begin to deal first with the heads of state, then physically show up among the people. Furthermore, they will not appear directly from hyperspace, as in Star Wars, but will gradually show themselves, following a modus operandi different from the CE5 contact protocol envisaged by Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI. We are talking as always about hypotheses, but all this could happen now and unexpectedly!

We do not know how real these contacts are and how true their messages are, but so far the situation is developing according to a similar scenario. In fact, the sighting of the huge “space object” that is approaching Earth, for ufologists, could be an extraterrestrial spaceship as large as the Moon that will be visible in April 2020 in the skies around the world. For other researchers it would be a stellar object such as an asteroid or an artificial moon (Nibiru?).

With the spread of the pandemic, of course we have not yet detected anything, so let’s keep our eyes wide open and observe the sky!