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The Third Eye or the "eye of the mind": what it is and how to wake it up

Credit: darksouls1 / Pixabay.

The Third Eye would give us a spiritual vision, beyond the physical. You could wake up with practices such as meditation, yoga and lucid dreams.

Is also called «Eye of the mind», a center of invisible spiritual energy, different from our physical eyes. Would provide a better intuition, clairvoyance and paranormal abilities Like telepathy It is said that he can “wake up” through practices such as meditation, yoga, lucid dreams and divination.

Is a ancient mystical concept, part of oriental religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Meditation exercises focus on focusing on this energy vortex or sixth chakra, and thus improve our perception.

The Third Eye: what exactly is it?

God Shiva and Third eye on the forehead "width =" 583 "height =" 437 "
God Shiva and Third eye on the forehead. Courtesy: The Motherboard

It would be an etheric energy center located between the eyebrows. That energy is part of spirit that would come from a call Source (as a universal primordial god). The eye would function as a radar of it.

I would be responsible for the clairvoyance, mediumship and creativity. In Hinduism, God Shiva has a third eye located on the forehead, representing the eye of wisdom. That is why Shiva is known as Tri-netri-īshwara (“lord of the three eyes”).

This “eye of the mind” it’s the same sixth chakra. The chakras are subtle energy centers, located in different parts of the body. They are the points where our spirit would give life to our body.

How to wake up or activate the Third Eye? – 4 key steps

1. Cultivate silence

Foster the silence of the mind, through the meditation or just sitting quietly in a natural environment. This works to better see the information received spiritually.

2. Perfect your intuition

Explore everything our intuition and feelings tell us, such as, for example, pay attention to dreams or Tarot cards. These are intuitive techniques.

3. Cultivate your creativity

Develop creativity, either with any type of art. Creativity helps expand the rational mind.

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4. Stay connected to reality

At the Third Eye you have to open it gradually, in a relaxed way, so always we must be clear of our reality and the physical world, since activating it can be perceived as scary and confusing.


Among meditation practices are:

  • Exercises relaxation and breathing;
  • Search moments of tranquility and silence;
  • Decorate the house with the colors of the sixth chakra, indigo or purple;
  • Meditate on Third Eye, as imagine an indigo or purple energy between the eyebrows;
  • Lying in the moonlight And reflect;
  • Perform divination exercises or consult with a psychic;
  • Practice the lucid dreaming and the interpretation of dreams;
  • Guided Meditation;
  • Look at the symbology that possess different cultures;
  • Go out to nature, hiking or wildlife observation;
  • Do crafts;
  • Identify and develop some psychic ability personal.

The Third Eye is a very important concept for spirituality, and impressive for its quality of being “awakened”. These methods of doing so are positive and inspire you to get more peace of mind.

References: King of Kish / / WorldPranicHealing.


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