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Noah’s “Alien Experiment” and the Great Flood

There is enough evidence that the universal flood that wiped out almost the entire human population actually happened.

Noah's “Alien Experiment” and the Universal Flood

One of these shreds of evidence lies in the large number of cities that exist flooded under the so-called Black Sea. These cities are numbered in dozens, reaching a number of almost 250.

Obviously, cities were not built underwater, but a great flood covered them. Many scientists, archaeologists, and experts on the subject indicate that, in addition, the Black Sea was created at a time very similar to that of the universal flood.

Other evidence, although not fully supported, is that many megalithic constructions suffered around the globe in the same period of the famous flood.

These half-finished buildings can be seen in Peru, Scotland, Malta, Egypt and many other places where the polished and giant blocks were forgotten before being used.

Now, if it really existed, who created this terrible flood to eliminate the population?

Many ancient and sacred Hindu texts (such as the Mahábharata), different beliefs of native peoples and of the civilizations of those times, the Bible, etc., affirm that there were beings that had flying machines, with which they could create any natural catastrophe, such as earthquakes, fires and in this case, floods.

Noah's “Alien Experiment” and the Universal Flood

In the case of the Mahábarata, these beings also used an atomic bomb to eliminate a part of the population, and this is a truth resisted by science and history, but it really seems to have happened.

In reference to the latter, corpses with positions typical of an explosion were found, the hole produced by it (and in it, the glazed ground as when an explosion occurs and the land is exposed to extremely high temperatures) and, most importantly, large remnants of radiation.

In the same ancient texts, it is said that the population that survived the attack shortly after began to lose their hair and nails… Like the victims of radiation.

In the case of the Bible, it was supposedly God who caused this terrible flood. Now, who is God?

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I think that all the gods of the different religions are actually extraterrestrial. Think about it, since ancient times humanity painted and created statues of beings that came down from the skies and stars; and they called them gods …

According to the vast majority of the tribes (who pass their teachings and stories from generation to generation), these gods always came from the same solar system!

How could tribes separated by thousands and thousands of kilometers agree on this if history had been “invented”? Was Noah’s Ark an extraterrestrial experiment?


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