With all this agitation of the pandemic that is scaring the whole world, why not put more pepper in the seasoning, talking about the forgotten Nibiru, who now appears to be resurrecting?

Please do not run to the mountains yet, as there is no proof whatsoever of what is mentioned in the article below.

Something big is coming towards us

According to Brazilian sky observer Tio Abadoma, an intrusive celestial body is being monitored by space telescopes and terrestrial telescopes around the world. The unknown object is currently close to the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and appears to be accelerating.

Coincidence or not, but last week, a strange phenomenon from the sky was captured in Trenton, New Jersey, by Alonzo Entom, who managed to capture some kind of celestial object close to the sun (usually called the second sun).

Alonzo, who is an experienced cameraman, stated:

“It moved very fast, and although it was very difficult to concentrate, I was able to keep him in some way, steady … It lasted only about 5 minutes and then disappeared.”

Although Tio Abadoma talks about the infamous planet Nibiru, we can wonder if it could be a giant alien mothership.

Is what is happening now on Earth a link straight into that unidentified space object?

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