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Some of the worst curses you can suffer and how to remove them

Have you contracted a sudden illness? Have the people you love started to hate you? Are you suddenly suffering a streak of bad luck? If you answered yes to the questions, you probably have a curse. But do not worry, below we will explain how to remove a curse. None of the following steps won’t cost you a lot of money, and they’re pretty simple to do as long as you follow the instructions.

What is a curse?

Most people think that curses are a thing of the past, or something that only exists in horror stories, but the truth is that they are real and affect our life. Really, a curse is just a specific intention for your misfortune that is directed at you by someone else. There are many modern spiritual movements in which a curse could be a practice: Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca and superstitions in Dutch, Mediterranean and American cultures.

In the witchcraft, a curse is a specific adversity caused by a supernatural method such as a spell or a prayer. These spells can cause loss of money, material possessions or opportunities, feelings of anxiety, being “caught” in life, illness or even death for yourself or members of your family. The worst thing about curses is that most people who have been cursed don’t even know it. It is possible that you can tell if you have been cursed suddenly because everything is going wrong in life, if you find symbols of witchcraft in your house, very personal objects disappear, if your plants die or your pets behave strangely, and even If you start to see someone cursing you in your dreams. Fortunately, there is a way to check and find out.

If you have been cursed, then you have to do something about it or live in a real nightmare for the duration of the curse. It may seem like superfluous knowledge now, but when you’re on the second day of a curse, you’ll wish you read this list on how to break a curse and get on with your life.

Curse that ties the tongue

That makes: Totally and completely prevent him from speaking for an indeterminate period of time. Depending on how talkative you are, this may or may not be a waking nightmare.

What can you do: It turns out that if someone is cursing you to stop you from speaking, it’s probably because they think you deserve it or out of simple revenge. Either way, if you wake up and can’t speak, the only thing you can do is fight fire with fire and curse someone. In the best case, the spells will cancel each other out. In the worst case, it will do nothing.

Generational curse

That makes: This is one of the worst types of curses that you can face. Not only do you end up with a curse even though you didn’t do anything, these generational curses can take many forms. For example, the men in a family will be total failures, or the women will be unhappy in love.

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What can you do: Because the measures to be taken are very broad, we recommend you using Genograms. Genograms can be freeing because they show that you’re not the only one in your family who has struggled with specific things. It’s designed to bring light to the darkness of generational curses and help you walk forward in the light. It’ll help you understand how your family’s behavior impacts your relationships with your significant other, friends, or relatives.

Curse of poverty

That makes: A curse of poverty is a terrible thing to live with. If you have this hex, it could affect your family.

What can you do: If you need the curse of poverty removed, then you can contact an expert, or you can counter it with a money ritual.

Three nights from hell

That makes: The curse of the Three Nights of Hell is a curse that affects you through three excruciating days of terror. Obviously, if you are being affected it means you have a dangerous enemy.

What you can do: The bad news is that you can’t just break the Three Nights of Hell curse, you actually have to wait for it to pass.

Infertility hex

That makes: If a curse of infertility has been placed on you, you can try and prove it, but you will never have a child. If whoever cursed you wanted to go one step further, it may even cut your libido.

What you can do: Infertility curses are not a game, so if you are trying to remove this type of curse, you should contact an expert who can help you with the ritual.

Deadly curse

That makes: The death curse kills you, so be careful.

What can you do: As serious as it may sound, a deadly curse is easy enough to avoid. All you have to do is say the following sentence three times:

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“A death curse that I have received will completely disappear today. This is not my time, so remove this curse, I don’t deserve it. The curse will disappear, and I will stay alive. This death curse is banished from my body. This is my will, so be it. “

A love spell

That makes: Do you feel like your love life has taken a sudden turn for the worse? Are you suddenly attracted to someone you have never paid attention to? If so, you may be under a love tie.

What can you: Fortunately, a love tie is quite easy to break. You only need to buy some candles to undo this type of ritual.

Curse of fatigue

That makes: As its name suggests, a period of fatigue will lead you to a childlike state of unusual tiredness. If you are a very active person and now you feel that you do not have the strength to perform certain tasks, then you may be suffering from the curse of fatigue.

What can you: For this type of curse, you need to perform a chakra cleansing with white sage to help you get out of your state of sadness and return to normal.

Curse of bad luck

That makes: Are you dealing with widespread bad luck or bad vibes? It is possible that a magic practitioner has “Sent” a curse of bad luck.

What you can do: The first thing you should do is clean your house. If that doesn’t work, then you should counter it with a good luck ritual and free yourself from the tyranny of bad energies.

Curses are definitely a part of our modern world, but they don’t have to be something to be afraid of unless you’re cursing other people on a routine basis. In the same way, you must know the main curses that you can face and how to act in case you are affected.

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