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Soho space probe photographs “Huge Alien Spaceship” that uses the Sun as a Stargate

The images you can see below are nothing short of spectacular and concern the recording of a huge extraterrestrial spaceship entering the StarGate of the Sun.

It all happens on July 23, 2020, when NASA’s Lasco C2 satellite (SOHO) shows the moment in which a coronal mass ejection broke away from the right side of the Sun, then a strange anomaly appeared in the solar glow for a fraction of a second.

The coronal mass ejection highlights the presence of a huge spaceship

Perhaps the anomaly was only a cosmic ray but I have never seen it large and bright enough, it looks more like a spaceship similar to a fighter plane as you see it on an aircraft carrier. Scientists are convinced that interdimensional alien vessels access our solar system using the Sun as Stargate, entering and leaving the dimensional portals of the Sun.

In fact, the Sun creates small holes called sun spots, these spots are not spots as everyone can think, but reflect the true appearance of a black hole in the Sun, which lasts for weeks or months and then closes. This black hole is a space-time “window”, a sort of door or Stargate through which one can travel through worlds and dimensions unknown to Man.

Almost once a week a singularity occurs, that is a black hole (worm hole) on the Sun. Extraterrestrial or interdimensional civilizations who want advanced access to our solar system, with black holes as large as the Earth, can do so through precisely the STARGATE of our Sun.

So our star like any other, can generate or create a natural stargate, a portal for other solar systems and what you can see below is a huge alien spaceship that uses the solar glow to enter or exit a portal to the Sun?

Video: the possible alien spaceship starts at 2.40 minutes.

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