A meteorite is a solid piece of debris that originates in outer space and survives the passage through the Earth’s atmosphere. Common sources of meteorites are comets and asteroids. After entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the space object undergoes several factors, such as pressure, friction and chemical interactions that cause it to heat and radiate energy. At this point, it becomes a meteorite and forms a fireball, appearing through the sky like a star. Then it falls somewhere on the surface of the Earth, where it experiences more chemical reactions.

What many people don’t know is that meteorites and space stones bring the energy of the Universe to the palm of your hands. They are excellent for those who work with space exploration, the UFO communication, the astral travel and the expansion of consciousness. They are highly recommended for meditation and work or the channeling of extraterrestrial activities or the interdimensional shamanic journey. The energy of meteorites is literally out of this world, which is what makes them unique and surprising. There are thousands of different meteorites, each of which will have its own energy in addition to the common features. We are talking about a literally magical stone, which today is still unknown its potential path. Although it may be that the workers of a museum in Russia have already discovered it.

The mysterious meteorite

Visitors and staff of a historical museum in the Russian city of Chelybinsk were surprised after witnessing how an exhibition showcase inexplicably opened that covered the remains of the famous meteorite. The incident occurred on December 14 during the day. The images of the security cameras published on the social networks show the visitors of the museum looking through the exhibits with the piece of the meteorite of Chelíabinsk in the center of the room.

But at one point, the cover that covers the space rock is lifted. Security personnel ran to the place and closed the dome after the alarm sounded. Yuri Bogatenkov, spokesman for the museum, said the management and workers of the museum they don’t know what caused this enigmatic incident.

The workers have access to a remote control that lifts the dome, however, that day nobody activated it. The museum director said he consulted with technology experts, who unanimously assured him that it was impossible for the dome to have opened alone, so they suggest that perhaps the mysterious space rock wanted to escape.

“We talked to all our electronics specialists, who unanimously said it was impossible for it to open by itself,” Bogatenkov said. to Sputnik. “However, it happened. Right after it happened, I asked what it could be, and so far there is no answer. We laughed when we thought that the brother of the Cheliabinsk meteor said “hello” to our space rock and decided to respond. But apart from the jokes, our staff is still a little shocked. ”

Although another possibility is that someone has decided to steal the space rock or hack the security system. However, Aivar Valeev, one of the museum workers discarded this version. Said It is quite difficult to lift the dome.

“There are four electric motors at their edges”explained Valeev. “The whole structure is heavy. There is an alarm system in place, in addition to all kinds of bureaucratic procedures linked to raising it. ”

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Culture ordered the museum to check its security systems. The Cheliabinsk meteorite exploded over the city in 2013 causing widespread damage. The shock wave caused damage to 3,000 buildings and shattered thousands of windows. The scientists said that if the space rock had not hit Lake Chebarkul, it would have caused a large number of deaths.

Magical powers or extraterrestrial technology?

So what has caused the roof to rise above the rest of Cheliabinsk’s meteorite? As we have commented previously, many people believe that meteorites have powers that defy all logic and rationality. People say that meteorite crystals are associated with the third Eye and can be used to relieve stress, free the mind and other metaphysical treatments, as well as cure physical pain, treat injuries, improve the circulatory system and produce other benefits for body health.

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Because they are from other parts of the solar system (and maybe even from other stars), they are often used in spiritual rituals and for extraterrestrial communication and interdimensional activities. Each of these powers depends on the mineral composition of the meteorite. The Chelíabinsk space rock is a common condrite meteorite and contains 10% iron. According to experts in metaphysical meteorites, that means that it is good for circulation, resistance and healing. It has a frequency that connects to the third eye and has a strong electrical energy that stabilizes and connect the highest vibratory energies to the Earth’s magnetic core.

But apart from its metaphysical properties, it is possible that the Chelybinsk meteorite is not a remnant of a space rock. As we already published in MEP, experts in the field said that the meteorite was partially destroyed by a UFO, thus avoiding a much worse catastrophe. The images presented by ufologists they showed a small “object” hitting the meteorite in their trajectory, despite the fact that the Russian government said it did not use any weapon against space rock. In addition, weeks before the meteorite explosion, there was a strange increase in UFO sightings in the Urals, ending after the incident.

Not to mention that the witnesses of the sightings claimed to have seen mysterious lights in the sky in the nearby villages, but on the same day of the impact, similar objects were observed in Cheliabinsk. In all the sightings the mysterious lights moved through the sky, disappeared and then returned again. So it could be that the piece of space rock they have in the museum is the fragment of extraterrestrial technology.

Does the Chelybinsk meteorite have mystical powers? More importantly, do you have the ability to lift your own deck? Can it be extraterrestrial technology? Or do you have a logical and rational explanation for the mysterious incident?