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Hybrids among us

Although the excitement of a UFO visit to our planet subsided a little, still from time to time there is evidence that people are still sometimes abducted.

Why interest in UFOs is fading

The reason for such a sharp decline in interest in newcomers is a no stranger but the development of digital technology.

  • Countless videos on the Internet that even a child can do on a regular home computer have discredited this topic.
  • It is difficult for the average person to understand where the real evidence is and where the usual video editing is.

And if ten years ago the public had a real interest in this topic, today the secret governments and an alternative story have replaced the aliens.

But the missing interest of the general public does not remove the issue from the agenda. And ufologists continue to study those cases that turn out to be weeded out among a huge amount of “garbage”.

Where are UFOs flying now?

As before, representatives of other worlds are of particular interest to:

  • military facilities
  • Nuclear stations
  • places of seismic and geomagnetic activity.

Also, as before, farmers find bloodless animals killed in the pastures.


To this day, there have been reports of alien abductions and conducting and crossing experiments on them. It is worth saying that the topic is not new. Throughout the history of mankind, there is evidence of a connection between people and gods, as well as their offspring, which has various inhuman abilities. So it was thousands of years ago, and it is happening today. Every now and then there are victims who are abducted at night from their beds and transferred to their ships, where they sometimes conduct very painful experiments.

Alien race

The most frequent evidence suggests that the so-called race of gray aliens shows the greatest biological interest in earthlings.

These are low creatures with gray skin, a large head and huge black eyes. It is this race that appears in almost all the evidence related to abductions.

Interestingly, people who believe that they were abducted by aliens tell completely different stories.

If you approach the issue soberly, then in a detailed study of such cases, approximately ninety percent are ordinary fabrications.

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  • Some of them are associated with the desire to become famous,
  • part is related to mental disorders
  • part is just vivid dreams.

A small part that deserves attention

Those cases that can be considered true are fairly well understood.

What the “returnees” say

Women who became victims of such abductions talk about how, being paralyzed, they got into a room where there was a bright light, but there was no light source. Then, gynecological manipulations were performed with women, and without anesthesia. After such statements, some victims agreed to be examined and indeed they revealed the consequences of the surgical intervention, in particular, their ovary eggs were removed.

If you refer to the opinions of ufologists, then the real percentage of abducted women is many times higher, but many simply do not remember this experience.

Why UFOs abduct women

According to some ufologists, aliens are trying to create a hybrid of man and an alien, with the goal of subsequent colonization of the planet. According to another version, aliens have long controlled the planet and, using hybridization, create the future ruling elite with their DNA.

Why UFOs abduct men

Interestingly, men are also the objects of similar hybridization experiments. But in this case, conception occurs in a natural way.

  • “A female alien appeared in my house, seemed to have a strong attraction to me and after intercourse, she left pointing to her stomach,” say all the male “survivors of the encounter”.

The opinion of ufologists

Those ufologists who are deeply immersed in the study of this issue are sure that a decrease in interest in this topic is nothing more than a conscious intervention of an alien race in Earth control.

“It’s possible that already today the key posts in the government are occupied by hybrids prepared several decades ago. They are trying to divert attention from the topic of hybridization by replacing it with other alternative studies. It’s not without reason that the theory of “flat earth” is moving forward so powerfully, and these ideas, multiplied by local conflicts and the global crisis will certainly help reduce the indigenous population of the planet”-ufologists say.

What do we have today

One can immediately note a sharp surge in various alternative ideas, from cities bombarded in the 19th century to a digital model of objective reality.

It is surprising that all these ideas existed before, but only in recent years have become a truly massive phenomenon. Most likely, this is done in order to divert attention from the true state of affairs, as well as depersonalize human history.

If we take seriously the theory of a flat earth, then the question of the presence of an alien race on it will immediately disappear. And if we assume that we are part of an advanced computer program, then we can conclude that we are not at all a reality.

All these latest hypotheses must somehow prove to us that we are not unique and our existence does not make sense, and our history on the planet is not as long as it seems.

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