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Trump Space Force May Be Strong Evidence of Aliens

Now that the United States Space Force has been finally made official, it will be interesting to know if the predictions made by some “researchers” (and published in The Washington Times exactly one year ago), which can be seen below, will really come true.

Trump Space Force May Be Strong Evidence of Aliens, Say

President Trump’s order to create a military Space Force has given conspiracy theorists another tantalizing evidence – some say the best so far – that the government is hiding the truth about extraterrestrial visitors.

The idea is that the launch of the Space Force will be a big step towards government recognition of extraterrestrials and technology taken from crashed alien ships – what the UFO community calls “uncovering total”.

Making everything more real, the Space Force’s plan pits Trump against his natural enemy: the “Deep state” within the federal government. The deep state is also the keeper of alien secrets, according to UFO researchers.

Filmmaker Jordan Sather, who specializes in conspiracy theories, tweeted after Trump issued ordered the Pentagon to begin planning a Space Force:

This is HUGE and something the Deep State does NOT want.

Understand that with #SpaceForce (Space Force), advanced technologies (free energy, antigravity) maintained in think-tanks Lockheed, Boeing and other corporate companies will now have a way of public disclosure.

Michael Salla, an author promoting theories about US secret space programs and longstanding extraterrestrial presence on Earth, noted that the Pentagon’s top echelons oppose the establishment of a sixth military branch to patrol above the atmosphere.

He posted on the site ExoPolitics:

It is important to understand that by ordering the creation of a Space Force, Trump is shaking the bureaucratic and corporate tree that hides the Secret Space Program that the Air Force runs in conjunction with the National Reconnaissance Office, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Agency. National Security


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