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6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 31

The theory of paleocontact implies that once in ancient times, hundreds or thousands of years ago, aliens flew to our planet and came into contact with representatives of ancient terrestrial civilizations. These contacts had consequences, since aliens taught people this or that knowledge, and also gifted them with unusual tools, metals, and equipment for flying or moving around the earth.

Official science, of course, ridicules all this “nonsense”, but supporters of the theory of paleocontact are looking for and regularly find things that can pretend to be evidence of aliens staying in our past. And with all the skepticism, in these theories you can always find a grain of reason.

Below are some of the most unusual statements put forward by theoreticians in different years. Which of them are more truthful is up to you.

Jonah was not swallowed by a whale

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 32

In search of evidence of paleocontact, his followers often turn to ancient religious texts, especially the Bible, finding more and more new facts there confirming their beliefs. According to them, many biblical stories are greatly distorted, but there is always some grain of truth in their origins, that is, they were based on something real.

The story of the prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale, and then alive and unharmed, is cast out of his womb, is one of the strangest. The whales really can’t swallow a person, they have a very narrow throat, so they eat only small fish and krill.

Theoretically, a sperm whale, a toothed whale, can swallow a person, but there are very few such facts in the history, and even where Jonah swam, sperm whales are not found. Because of this, some believe that in fact no living creature swallowed Jonah, but in fact he was taken aboard a UFO, that is, he was a victim of abduction (abduction of people by aliens). And after the aliens studied him, Jonah was returned back.

Space Pilot’s Place on Mayan Coffin Lid

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6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 33

In the 7th century AD, there was a Mayan city-state called Palenque and Pacal was its ruler. After his death, Pakal’s body was laid in a richly decorated stone sarcophagus with a heavy patterned lid and installed in the so-called Temple of the Inscriptions.

When archaeologists discovered this sarcophagus in the 20th century, they immediately turned their attention to the unusually decorated lid and then called it one of the most striking artifacts of the Mayan art.

Later, Erich von Daniken turned his attention to this cover and looked at this picture from a different perspective. According to him, if you look at the lid of the sarcophagus not from a narrower side, but from a wider one, then instead of a person sitting on the throne in a strange pose, we will see some technical device, probably a control panel, and this person most likely clicks on devices or buttons on this remote.

That is, on the lid of the sarcophagus from Palenque is not the ruler Pacal, but the pilot in his place inside a space rocket or other vehicle.

Mythical creatures are the results of alien genetic experiments

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 34

In the myths of different nations there is never a lack of various monsters, some of which look completely surreal.

Take, for example, Greek mythology: Centaurs (half-humans, half-horses), Pegasus (winged horses), Medusa Gorgon (a woman with live snakes on her head instead of hair), Minotaur (half-half-humans), fauns (half-humans, half-goats) and so on. Or take the Egyptian pantheon of gods, they are all represented by people with heads of various animals.

According to many adherents of the theory of paleocontacts, all these monsters, completely alien to nature, actually existed in reality, and were not the result of human imagination. Also, aliens were created in genetic laboratories. For what? Who knows, maybe aliens have tried to create creatures that are more resistant to disease or injury.

There is also a version that the man himself is also the result of such alien genetic experiments. Official science still does not know why the ancestors of the first people began to get up on two legs, why they lost their hair, the brain began to grow, and so on.

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Teotihuacan is a huge computer

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 35

The city of Teotihuacan in Mexico is one of the largest and most ancient Indian cities of pre-Columbian America. Its original name is unknown, and it was built by the Aztec tribes. The heyday of the city fell on 250-600 years of our era.

The city mainly consists of huge stone pyramidal structures, so archaeologists initially believed that it had only cult significance. If you look at the city from somewhere above, then the geometrically correct structures completely look like something like … computer boards.

Yes, some researchers believe that the ancient Teotihuacan was indeed a kind of computer, in any case, it was able to generate energy in its pyramids, and then redirect it to different needs. Theorists see evidence of this, including in stone blocks, in which mica, a type of silicon mineral which conducts electricity wel., can be found everywhere. Some rooms in the temples were completely jammed with mica.

The sword in stone is a laser weapon

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 36

The story of the Sword in Stone is a cornerstone in Celtic legends about King Arthur. It is often known and remembered better from the legends of Merlin or the Knights of the Round Table. According to legend, whoever could pull a sword out of a stone would became the king of Britain and could be done by one only child – Arthur.

According to legend, Arthur pulled twice a sword out of a stone, including once in the presence of a large crowd of people, and also once thrust the sword back into the stone and this was also given to him without difficulty.

But it is impossible to do this with an ordinary sword. At the same time, the legend of this goes far from the Middle Ages, to the Bronze and even the Iron Age. There are many theories about what a similar story really can be, but one of the most unusual versions was proposed in the program “Ancient Aliens”.

According to several theorists, Arthur’s sword could not be easily entered and exited the stone, because it was not really a sword, but a high-tech laser or plasma weapon. Arthur was not an ordinary person, but one who was specially trained to use this weapon or he was an alien himself. That is why other people could not pull this “sword” from the stone.

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The image of the Grim Reaper is an alien carrying the plague

6 most unusual theories about ancient aliens 37

In the Middle Ages, deadly plague epidemics almost destroyed half of Europe. People did not understand what caused the disease and blamed demons, witches, or even Jews. Modern science has long figured out that the carriers of the plague are fleas living on rats, but ufologist William Bramley put forward the version of which he blamed the aliens.

According to him, people were infected with the plague through mass “irrigation”, this is how modern chemotracks (chemical trails) work. Just as farmers spray pesticides on their field to kill pests, so aliens did this to reduce the number of overgrown people.

Bramley also made a curious remark, it was in the years when the plague was going on that the famous image of Grim Ripper (Grim Reaper) arose, which later transformed into the usual image of Death and a scythe. This Reaper in a black hood was often seen in wheat fields before a plague epidemic started in a city in the neighborhood. That is, it was like the Reaper was infecting wheat with something.

According to Bramley, it was aliens who worked in the form of Grim Reapers, who specially hid their appearance under wide black cloaks with a hood. True, why did they need to destroy people, it is not entirely clear, maybe they were only trying to destroy weaker people with a poor immune system?


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