Younger, healthier people can also be badly affected by the new coronavirus. Ignace Demeyer, an emergency doctor of the OLV hospital in Aalst warns of this. The lung scans of patients who enter his room are “frankly terrifying”  Dr. Demeyer says in ” On the subject “.

No, it is not only the elderly or people who already have a medical problem who fall victim to the new coronavirus. This is what emergency doctor Ignace Demeyer warns. “We see people with a blank medical history who are very seriously ill.” It’s not just about the older generations. “We have had very few older people inside so far” says Dr. Demeyer. “Now we have people between 30 and 50 years old entering.

“They all have the same symptoms,” says Dr. Demeyer. “They have been sick for a week, they stayed home affected by the flu. They believe that the flu attack is over. They feel good for two days feel. And then they complain of dry cough and shortness of breath. When we measure their oxygen saturation (oxygen content in our blood, ed.) We see that they have very low oxygen saturation for their age. “

At that time a clear alarm signal goes off to the doctors but people do not always realize it because they are not feeling very ill at the time. “They only go in, but they are terribly affected by the virus“, Ignace Demeyer also shows scans of such a patient’s condition. “The pictures we took yesterday are terrifying.”

Inflammatory fluid

The image on the left shows normal lungs. In the second image, there are already 20 to 25 percent lung vesicles filled with inflammatory fluid. The third scan is even worse: There is 80 to 90 percent inflammatory fluid there.

These people can, of course, still be cured, but it is a life-threatening situation. And they are people who do not smoke, they do not have another condition such as diabetes or heart failure. They are young athletes

Virologist Steven Van Gucht shares that concern.

It is one of the reasons why we have advised the government to implement these drastic measures and why we ask everyone to strictly follow them. ” The fact that some young people still don’t see seriousness and throw parties or go on weekends, Dr. Demeyer calls it “absolutely irresponsible behavior