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A fiery wave of energy will sweep the Earth seven times – what awaits us all?

What problems and challenges await us in the near future? Will there be any danger for humanity from the Sun and space?

An outbreak that will change humanity

For humans, there is a very important message that breaks through to us through various messengers, contactees and clairvoyants. It refers to an event that is about to happen in the very near future.

A powerful solar flare is expected, but there is no need to be afraid of it. There is no need to hide and stock up on food, you just need to understand that this event is inevitable, and it will change everything.

Much in our world will change. There will be a chance for a leap in development. This is a chance for a shift in areas that could not be changed for a long time – ruling structures, restrictions and other things that we wanted to change, but could not.

A stream of light will be poured onto the Earth, which will illuminate even that which has not been illuminated. It will penetrate everywhere, into every shadow. It is like a fiery wave, but it does not burn, but permeates everything and everyone. In the meantime, many things are changing.

The important point is not to be afraid, but on the contrary, to strive for this outbreak, as for some kind of rebirth and deliverance. It was designed for the spiritual rebirth of mankind, for its progress.

What problems and challenges await us in the near future?  Will there be any danger for humanity from the Sun and space?-2

The flow of energy will spill quickly enough, but after a while the wave will repeat itself. Something similar has already happened, but it was hidden because people were not psychologically ready to see and accept the new energy.

There will be seven impulses in total. After each, a period of adaptation will be given. And each time we will observe significant changes in our lives – the frequency will increase and the materiality in some things will change.

All the changes that have already taken place before the outbreak are just preparation.

What will change on the physical level

The frequency will increase, the Earth will be freed from low-frequency energy, and nature will stabilize. The climate will become more pleasant, comfortable, suitable for a person and does not require adaptation.

Part of the territory will be flooded. It looks like a destructive phenomenon, but it will benefit a person.

After this outbreak, many people will develop or increase superpowers. Telepathy will no longer be a science fiction. And with the development of telepathy, lies and hypocrisy will disappear, because it will be impossible to hide the truth.

An important point – the new energy will turn off electricity and all electronics, but for a short period of time. Electronics in the satellites will be blocked, many things will fail.

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The essence of the flash is the destruction of low-frequency energy. It will not lead to man-made disasters. This is an incredible event that will give the Earth a chance to develop in a much more positive direction than it is now. There will be damage, but minor and reparable.

Human health

Each of us will be affected differently by the outbreak. It is easier to endure the flow of high-frequency energy for those whose body is ready to receive high vibrations.

During this event, the new energy will pass everywhere, you can’t hide from it indoors, underground or in a bunker, so it doesn’t matter where a person will be.

When will it happen?

This event has been planned for a long time, it is inevitable. It is highly likely that all this will happen within the lifetime of our generation, and possibly in the very near future.

The fact is that the whole process should have already happened, but for some reason it hung, slowed down. There were some flashes that were not noticed by people – this is a kind of preparation so that we gradually get used to a different energy.

There are many predictions about this event. It was foreseen by the holy Orthodox elders, clairvoyants and seers of the past and present. They talked about three days when fiery rain would fall on the Earth, compared with the Second Coming, the ascension, the Apocalypse.

In fact, this is the energy of light that will come so that our world will move to a new level of development.


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