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When did the moon appear in the sky? Ancient sources claim that the Earth’s satellite is about 10 thousand years old

Some researchers believe that the Moon appeared near the Earth relatively recently. In their writings, Aristotle, Plutarch, Democritus, Anaxagoras and Apollonius of Rhodes argued that in the early era of mankind there was no moon in the sky. At the same time, stars, constellations, various luminaries are mentioned, but Luna, our satellite did not exist. 

Even the approximate age of that time is indicated – the birth and flourishing of the Pelasgians. That is, we are talking about 7-3 millennium BC.

But how can this be? Modern scientists claim that the Moon is billions of years old and has always been in its orbit. That is, hundreds of millions of years before the appearance of people, the Earth’s satellite settled in the neighborhood, and it is simply impossible that it could not be seen in the sky for tens, hundreds or thousands of years. However, references to time without the moon are not limited to the evidence of ancient philosophers.

So, the indigenous inhabitants of the highlands of Bogota in Colombia claim in their oral traditions that there was a world before the appearance of the moon. Then everything was huge – trees, birds, animals, people – everything was large. When the earth satellite appeared, it became difficult for the giants to breathe and move, and this happened about 9-10 thousand years ago. Information has also been preserved that the Moon did not form gradually, but appeared overnight as we are accustomed to seeing.

When did it appear near the Earth?
When did the moon appear near the Earth?

In Tiwanaku, stone bas-reliefs have been preserved, which include astronomical information. Researchers who studied these symbols and images came to the conclusion that it describes the history of the origin of the moon. 

Before its appearance, a year on Earth lasted only 290 days, and the composition of the atmosphere was different, due to which representatives of flora and fauna reached enormous sizes. With the advent of the earth’s satellite, the second water-steam envelope evaporated, and powerful changes took place on the earth. When exactly this happened is not said.

In Egyptian culture, there are also references to time without the moon. However, there they are included in the category of myths and fairy tales, unlike the Indian and, by the way, Indian cultures. In India, in general, there is a direct indication that the Moon is an artificial object that was molded by the gods and sent to the Earth. The reason is good – it helped to close the portals of demons, and they stopped terrorizing humanity.

The Chinese monk Yu Bao Zi, who lived in the 4th millennium BC, rewrote various stories from more ancient sources so that descendants could read them thousands of years later. In two documents written by him, there is an indication of the time without the moon. 

On one occasion, he writes that the earth was more fertile and yielded huge crops until the moon appeared in the sky. And in the second, Yu described something like a calendar and claimed that it stopped working due to changes in the sky. In particular, there is a direct indication of changes in the night sky and it can be argued that we are talking about the moon.

Perhaps the biblical flood is the result of the appearance of the Moon near the Earth?
Perhaps the biblical flood is the result of the appearance of the Moon near the Earth? 

But modern scientists believe that this simply could not happen. There are no geological finds proving a dramatic change in flora and fauna in the last 10,000 years. 

In addition, the researchers are sure that if this happened, then there would be monstrous changes on the whole planet. But there was such an event. The biblical flood could very well have been triggered by the location of the Moon near the Earth.

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