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Project SIGMA: the Secret Human-Alien Accord Few Know About

In the 1950s, the US government decided there was nothing wrong with letting Gray Aliens abduct a few people if the price was right.

After shooting down several alien flying vehicles and acquiring the advanced technology that was “falling at their feet”, the government is said to have found it very profitable to establish communication channels with alien entities.

After all, the concentration of alien technology would provide US technological superiority for both military and information purposes.

One of the first projects to address this situation was the SIGMA project. A joint venture established in 1952 by the NSA / CIA consortium. Conspiracy circles refer to this undertaking using many suitors, and include the TAU IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity (as Dr. Dan Burisch calls it), the Greada Treaty, or the Edwards Accord, named after the air force base where the memorial meeting took place.

The main goal was to pave the way for meaningful and productive communications between humans and aliens.

Using what we would now call rudimentary technology at the time but also in combination with that recovered from crashed UFOs, Project Sigma scientists were able to locate a region in space with a suspicious group of asteroids. There they sent a signal-message and it didn’t take long to get a response and to schedule a meeting.

However, the message was also received by another extraterrestrial presence that was carefully watching our planet.

A species known as The Blues contacted the senders and advised them not to enter into any kind of agreement with the “others”. In a related negotiation, the Blues refused to give away any of their technology. Instead they offered to support us in our spiritual growth. All they asked in return was the dismantling of all nuclear and other arsenals from everywhere on the planet.

The reason they explained was because we humans, as a young species, as they said, are not qualified to exploit either the power of their own technology or nuclear power. In both cases we would use it only to destroy ourselves.

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They also warned and condemned the fact that we are killing each other, polluting the planet and wasting the Earth’s natural resources.

The human committee with extreme suspicion and prejudice, believing that nuclear disarmament was not in the best interest of the United States but also hungry for power rejected their offer and their attention was now focused on taking the extraterrestrial technology generously offered by the race of the Greys.

The diplomatic effort ended on April 25, 1954, at Edwards AFB in southern California. Other sources claim the meeting took place two months earlier at Holloman Air Force Base, six miles SW of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The exchange of information is claimed to have taken place telepathically between representatives of both worlds.

But what really matters is the outcome of the deal. The reward given to the Gray aliens.

It is unclear what the aliens’ real motivation was, but the reason they gave was genetic in nature. The Grays claimed that their DNA had undergone extreme degradation and they were dying out as a species. They were in desperate need of a solution to overcome this situation.

What they demanded was complete and unrestricted access to the human genome in order to develop a stable method for gray-human hybridization and thus ensure their continued existence.

Additionally, these are some of the claims they made:

  • The United States will not reveal to the rest of the world any information about the presence of the Gray Race on Earth.
  • Alien acts will not be hindered. No interference will be tolerated.
  • The US will oversee the construction of several underground bases. The bases would be manned by both human and Grays. First, the Atomic Energy Commission’s old underground bases were converted into workstations.
  • The United States would allow the Grays to abduct a limited number of people who had to be returned intact and with their memory wiped (ie not remembering what happened to them).
  • The Grays will decide who will be kidnapped, but the list will need approval from the National Security Council.
  • The aliens would provide the US with advanced weapons and technology, gravitational and electromagnetic propulsion systems, and mind control and alien implant technology.

The agreement is claimed to have been not only witnessed but also signed by then President Dwight Eisenhower.

Over the years, many have claimed to have been present during the negotiations, and multiple confessions have emerged since then. Among them is Gerald Light, who at that time was the leader of a famous metaphysical community.

“My dear friends: I have just returned from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base]. The report is true – devastatingly true! During my two-day visit, I saw five distinct types of aircraft being studied and operated by Air Force officials – with the help and permission of the Aetherians! I have no words to express my reactions. It finally happened. It is now a matter of history,” Light wrote.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that very quickly the Grays began to violate the Treaty. The number of abductions exceeds what was agreed upon, human experiments proliferate, and those unwilling to participate are brutally treated.

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In the early 1960s, the US government realized they had been duped and wanted to withdraw from the agreement and kick the Grays off our planet if possible. What they didn’t know was that the Grays weren’t very willing to leave and go anywhere else.

This is a price humanity is paying today and from which more human friendly alien races are trying to free us.

This whole story may sound like something straight out of a science fiction book or movie, but it is claimed to be completely true.


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