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Artifacts of Pharaoh Khaba, taken from Egypt by the Rockefeller Foundation. Why are they considered extraterrestrial technology?

We often read the opinion that the most shocking and sensational finds of archeology are kept behind seven seals in the Vatican. Some of them are certainly hidden from the eyes of outsiders, but it is more obvious that such artifacts are kept by billionaires such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other clans of this level. The Vatican plays the role of a distraction maneuver, as it often happens. An example is the space masks of Pharaoh Khaba.

Danish archaeologist Karl Ösing was one of the last researchers who had the opportunity to visit the underground levels of Pharaoh Khaba’s pyramid and see incredible artifacts with his own eyes. When the findings became known thanks to the NATO scientific expert group, a representative of the Rockefeller Foundation was the first to see the report. And just three days later, on behalf of the fund, a golden box from the pyramid of Pharaoh Khaba was purchased.

Karl Ösing spoke about the mysterious findings in the pyramid of Pharaoh Khaba.

Karl Ösing spoke about the mysterious findings in the pyramid of Pharaoh Khaba

Karl Ösing described it as a golden box with images of five pyramidal structures and the sun. According to the documents, it was just a set for astronomical observations of priests from the caste of the god Ra. However, the Dane claimed that this was a complete lie, and the artifacts acquired by the Rockefeller Foundation were extraterrestrial technologies. In his report, the archaeologist pointed out the amazing properties of the items that were sold.

The box contained ritual masks made from metals and precious stones. Each of them depicted a separate creature: a crocodile, a cat, a falcon and a jackal. The holes for the eyes were replaced by an elastic material that looked like glass, but was easily bendable. Interestingly, on the side where the masks were attached to the face, there was a substance that had not been identified by anyone. In appearance it was quite sticky honey, however, after the mask was removed, it did not remain on the face.

Although Ösing did not wear the items he found, he recorded all the feelings shared by those who decided to do so. Once on the face, the masks had an amazing effect – the air seemed to be purified, even in dusty, locked rooms it became like highland air. 

Karl Ösing admitted that in some inexplicable way air purifiers were built into the artifacts, but what was most striking was something else.

Mysterious ancient Egyptian artifacts were extraterrestrial technology?

Were the mysterious ancient Egyptian artifacts extraterrestrial technology?

Those same elastic glasses in the eye slits made it possible to see in the dark as if during the day. At the same time, they did not produce visible light, that is, there were no lanterns or other light sources. In complete darkness, researchers wearing the mask, saw the smallest details of their surroundings. Moreover, the artifact strangely improved the vision properties. People began to see both far and near equally, even those who had worn glasses all their lives. These technologies, most likely related to space technology, are located in various private foundations.

From 1950 to 1990, the Rockefeller Foundation removed more than 400 shipments of artifacts from Egypt alone and in most cases, this was done secretly, so that it is nearly impossible to realize which finds were hidden from the public. 

Karl Ösing believed that the high priests in Ancient Egypt were associated with divine or cosmic beings, and many artifacts of antiquity were created not by humans, but by these creatures.


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