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40,000 years ago, humans arrived on Earth from another planet: The amazing research by Ellis Silver and Francis Crick

There was a recent rumor that in the educational institutions of India they would no longer teach the periodic table and the doctrine of evolution according to Darwin. The reason is allegedly that this knowledge is erroneous and has been refuted by science, at least in India. 

Interestingly, at the moment, textbooks simply do not indicate exactly how humans appeared. But the media reports that from next year, the hypothesis of Dr. Ellis Silver and Dr. Francis Crick will be seriously considered.

Both researchers spent twelve years of work and came to interesting conclusions. For example, evolution, if it exists, is not capable of endowing an animal with intelligence. Therefore, this process has nothing to do with a person. People, according to experts, arrived on Earth from various exoplanets in the distant past and over time, having undergone adaptation, a global humanity was formed. 

Silver and Crick put forward a theory not from scratch, but brought a large number of arguments. Some of them, in our opinion, are curious and make you think.

Most people by the age of 40-45 begin to suffer from problems of the musculoskeletal system, as well as vegetative-vascular diseases. This is an important aspect in the matter of the influence of the environment on the body. The genetic memory of people indicates that the home planet had less gravity, as well as less exposure to sunlight. 

Mankind arrived on Earth not so long ago, otherwise the body would already have had to adapt to these conditions. Probably, we can talk about 40-50 thousand years ago.

There is an opinion that people do not come from Earth

There is an opinion that humans are not Earth natives

The next argument is that genes that are not found in any earthly creature are present in humans. Francis Crick made his conclusions after studying 20 thousand different samples taken from representatives of more than 400 nationalities. The presence of these genes, called “alien” by a group of geneticists led by Crick, speaks of human contacts with aliens at various stages of development. 

It is likely that it was these genes that allowed creatures like us to be rewarded with intelligence. In total, the researchers found 223 genes that are not found on Earth in any creature other than humans.

Also, in the course of the experiments, it turned out that most of the mental disorders in people are associated with disrupted biorhythms. Experts have found out why this happens. The human biological clock still works on a 25-hour rhythm. That is, we can conclude that a day on the home planet of people lasted 25 Earth hours, not 24. Because of this, a person has been in uncomfortable conditions all his life, and this contributes to the development of mental and chronic diseases.

Crick and Silver’s hypothesis also explains our diversity. After all, if you put a Scandinavian, an African, an Asian and a Latin American next to each other, then the differences will be more than obvious. 

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Initially, the researchers believed that the reason was that each of the races arrived on Earth from different constellations, but this turned out to be an erroneous judgment. Numerous facts indicate that the resettlement was carried out from one planet with the same conditions for Asians, and for Africans, and for Scandinavians. Probably, having arrived on Earth, the aliens had sexual intercourse with the locals so that the genus could exist. 

From the theory it follows that the connection was with Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. Neanderthal women gave birth to abnormal children, and this led to the extinction of the species. The Cro-Magnon offspring was viable, and this allowed the formation of human civilization.

Where is our home?

Where is our home?

In addition to Crick and Silver, professors Sam Chang and Vikram Choudhury dealt with the human genome. Within the framework of the Human Genome Project, independently of Ellis and Francis, researchers have indeed found genes that are unusual for terrestrial life forms. Moreover, Chang believes that the arrival of the ancestors of modern people on Earth was carried out in several stages, and the last coming was perceived as the arrival of the gods.

This all sounds great and coherent enough, but more solid evidence is needed to complete the picture. We also doubt that man is the result of evolution, but looking at the current level of astronautics, we somehow can’t believe that tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors could control large spacecraft. 

However, we know cases when civilizations have degraded over several decades, so anything is possible.


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