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What is the Supreme plan of clinical death?

As you already know, not a single speck of dust will fall to the ground, if there is no will and intention of the Creator. But what concerns the clinical death of a person is often puzzling. Why was he sent “on the other side of the river” and then returned back?

Clinical death is no longer life, but it is not yet death. This emergence of a new quality is a break in continuity. In a biological sense, this state resembles suspended animation, although it is not identical to this concept.

Clinical death is a reversible condition. And in itself, the fact of cessation of breathing and blood circulation does not serve as proof of the onset of death.

If we start from the main law of the universe – development and evolution, then we can single out several aspects due to which a person is given the experience of going through clinical death.

Fear of death and awareness of immortality

All those who have experienced clinical death say that they have retained a real sense of immortality for the rest of their lives. Even if a person believes in an afterlife, it often remains only at the level of inference, but does not become true knowledge integrated within. Therefore, the fear of death still remains and limits the possibilities of a person.

It cannot be said that it absolutely disappears after clinical death. After all, no one has canceled our body and the reptilian brain with its instinctive reactions. But still, the picture of the world is expanding significantly, and the knowledge of immortality becomes an integral part of man.

Change of outlook and life values

In most cases, the life of a person who has experienced clinical death changes dramatically. In various sources, you can find information that a person changes his field of activity, social circle, interests, reveals his talents and begins to create works of art, begins to feel a craving for spiritual knowledge, reconsiders his personal qualities, gets rid of fears, psychological blocks and destructive programs, etc. And, of course, this significantly advances it in evolutionary development.

Getting on the path to your destination

At the moment of clinical death, it is as if all the superficial husk flies off a person, and he becomes able to see his core, his true essence and those main tasks with which his soul came into this incarnation. Accordingly, all his subsequent elections will be as close as possible to his mission and purpose.

Awareness of being a spiritual being

After clinical death, a person no longer perceives himself only as a body with a set of certain functions. After all, in the near-death experience, he clearly saw that the Consciousness continues to live even when the body is turned off. As a result, his consciousness expands, becomes more capacious and inquisitive. And he is ready to go beyond just bodily perception.

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Feeling one with the universe

At the moment of clinical death, a person is actually convinced that he is not a separate unit in the Universe. And this feeling of unity with everything and everything in this world gives an incredible disclosure of one’s own potential. An internal support appears, and there is no longer a need to focus on other people’s opinions, stereotypes, patterns. But a completely different level of responsibility also arises when a person clearly understands that each of his choices invariably affects not only his life, but the entire universe.

In general, clinical death is a manifested Light, which became available to a person for a while in order to illuminate his further path. The only question is whether a person has the courage to follow it.


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