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The world is in turmoil: Stephen Hawking’s predictions have already begun to come true

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Stephen Hawking was a genius, one of the greatest physicists and writer of his time. Back in 1963, doctors predicted that he had no more than 2 years to live. He died in 2018, having lived 76 years, winning a Nobel Prize and authoring an incredible number of scientific papers.

He derived an equation that literally describes the entire structure of the universe (the wave function equation). He proved that the universe arose from a singularity – an infinitely small volume of infinitely large density spontaneously.

Because there is such a force as gravity, the Universe could and did create itself out of nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason why the Universe exists, why we exist.  Stephen Hawking

To say that he was smart is to say nothing. And today we will learn about the professor’s seven predictions, which he left for us after his death.

Aliens exist. And it would be better for us not to meet with them

For my mathematical brain, the numbers alone are enough to accept the existence of aliens. This is something very rational

The Universe is incredibly huge, in it there are a huge number of galaxies containing billions of planetary systems so old that they would not only have time to give rise to intelligent life, but also to do this much earlier, literally billions of years earlier than man appeared. Can you imagine such a colossal difference in development? What is such a civilization capable of? Are they comparable to the gods?

Aliens are attacking Earth
Aliens attacking Earth.

According to Hawking, one should not mindlessly send signals into space and if we ourselves receive such a signal, we should not respond to it. Otherwise, the Earth may become a victim of “space marauders,” as the American Indians became when they met the Europeans.

Artificial intelligence threatens humanity

This was stated not only by Hawking, but also by Musk and others. We already live in an era of limited artificial intelligence used for domestic and military purposes. It is obvious that in the next 3 years, AI will be able to write novels as well as the best writers, while simultaneously discovering new laws of physics.

It’s a genie out of a bottle. We need to move forward and develop artificial intelligence, but we also need to remember that it is truly dangerous. I’m afraid that AI might replace humans altogether. If people develop computer viruses, someone will develop AI that replicates itself. It will be a new form of life that will be superior to humans. Stephen Hawking

Will humanity be able to coexist with artificial intelligence in a single space? Time will answer this because it is no longer possible to return everything back by canceling AI.

The emergence of superman

As soon as scientists create opportunities for improving human bodies, available for resources, a new aristocracy will appear – stronger, smarter creatures who live much longer than ordinary people. Those who can afford an upgrade will be superior to the “poor” in terms of their capabilities.

Once superhuman beings appear, there will be serious political problems associated with unenhanced humans. Presumably they will either die out or become irrelevant. Instead, there will be a race of self-controlled beings, improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate. Stephen Hawking

The history of humanity as we know it is coming to an end. One way or another, in one or two generations, an ordinary person will be replaced by either AI or an artificially improved superman. The future of our race is predetermined.

Time travel is impossible

Time travel
Time travel.

Everything is simple here. If crowds of tourists from another time do not roam among us, it means that in the future, even if very distant, it was not possible to assemble a time machine.

By the way, I have experimental proof that time travel is impossible. One time, I threw a party for time travelers. I sent the invitations the next day. I sat there for a long, long time, and waited. But no one came. Stephen Hawking

Death of civilization

Hawking, like Musk now, said back in 2010 that we shouldn’t spend too much time studying the small habitable ball on which we now live. It is necessary to concentrate all resources on space expansion – the settlement of other worlds. Otherwise, humanity risks disappearing due to some single catastrophe on a planetary scale.

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We cannot look only inwards at a small, increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet… If we manage to survive the next few hundred years, we will have to expand into space. Then an isolated disaster won’t wipe out the entire human race. Stephen Hawking

Dangers of the Internet

Dangers of the Internet
Dangers of the Internet.

Stephen Hawking predicted an economic danger that could cause social catastrophe. The fact is that owners of information and entertainment resources on the Internet receive super-profits at relatively low costs. Because of this, there is a large class gap and a person’s dangerous desire to enter this business. Just like during the era of the Gold Rush in the United States, the greatest profits were made by sellers of shovels and other equipment. Now literally all of humanity is trying to earn easy money on the Internet.

Laboratory virus

We all remember the end of 2019 – the beginning of 2020, when the whole world was paralyzed by a new virus that came out of a laboratory. Hawking predicted that such cases would not only occur, but become more frequent. Literally, an existential threat to human existence. 

In the long term, I’m more concerned about biology. To create nuclear weapons, large enterprises are needed, but genetic engineering can be done in a small laboratory. But you can’t keep track of every laboratory. So the danger is that, whether by accident or design, we might create a virus that will destroy us. Stephen Hawking

Of course, the scientist’s predictions are not similar to the ominous prophecies of the mystics of the Middle Ages. There are no fiery mountains falling from the sky, rivers of blood and pale horsemen. But everything is very specific. 

Not much time has passed since the scientist’s death, but the predictions have already begun to come true. It’s scary to think what will happen next!


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