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The Dark Genius of Stanley Kubrick and his path from the “staged moon landing” to a strange death from a “seizure”

Photo: Stanley Kubrick Productions

According to one extremely popular version, director Stanley Kubrick did not die of a heart attack on March 9, 1999 in his English castle of Childwickberry. In fact, he was poisoned by CIA agents with a special agent simulating a heart attack, because the authorities feared that Kubrick would expose last century’s flights to the moon by US astronauts as staged.

A madman, or a genius hunted by special services who made a “deal with the Devil”?

Director Stanley Kubrick, like any brilliant artist, was a man with “oddities”. Over the years, it seems that he developed a persecution mania. He kept looking around and annoying his friends by claiming that the special services were following him and want to kill him. Although, as they say, if you are paranoid, that doesn’t mean you’re not actually being followed.

For example, Stanley was terribly afraid of flying on airplanes and overcame this fear by becoming a flight instructor himself. But at the end of his life, this mania became so aggravated that he, while shooting the film “Eyes Wide Shut”, recreated in the pavilion, in England, entire blocks of Manhattan in New York, indistinguishable even from the real connoisseurs – and only then, so as not to fly to America for filming.

Poster for the movie Eyes Wide Open. The triangle on the poster is both a symbol of the Masonic pyramid and the "Lunar mission" - the letter "A" (Apollo 11 flight). In the lower right corner, the castle where the orgy took place is the director Childwickberry's personal castle.

Poster for the movie Eyes Wide Open. The triangle on the poster is both a symbol of the Masonic pyramid and the “Lunar mission” – the letter “A” (Apollo 11 flight). In the lower right corner, the castle where the orgy took place is the director Childwickberry’s personal castle.

In this movie, Kubrick not only built the quarters of Manhattan, he also gave a picture of the decomposition of the highest elite in Masonic-Satanic orgies held in New York, in desacralized temples.

In this latest Kubrick film, the American political and financial elite, including the government, appears as a satanic sect of perverts and murderers, obsessed with sex and drugs, unquestioningly obeying the “devil’s high priest” – a psycho in red robes, performing perverted sex rituals.

A doctor (Tom Cruise) appears before a satanic "high priest".

A doctor (Tom Cruise) appears before a satanic “high priest”.

The main character, a doctor (played by Tom Cruise), who falls into this elite orgy, barely escapes death himself and by him, Stanley Kubrick clearly meant himself, so the fears of the director become understandable, his personal “paranoia”.

By the way, we observe the same satanic New York, for example, in the film “The Devil’s Advocate” directed by Taylor Hackford (played by Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino). Moreover, in this film, in the same “elite get-together” in which the Devil himself (Al Pacino) has fun, the future President Trump rotates and is commemorated by “devils”. Some even provide unverifiable claims that he belongs to the Great New York Lodge.

Similar pagan rituals are performed by Freemasons in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, by the way, who also has a Masonic initiation.

And in general, there is a lot of evidence, and not only in literature and cinema, that this is quite a reality of our time.

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According to many moviegoers, supporters of the “conspiracy theory”, he was poisoned in his gloomy palace-estate near Hertfordshire as well as he became a member of the highest circles of the American establishment. Indeed, Kubrick’s films show how he was literally driven mad by the entry into the world of the elite – all his movies are about this.

Kubrick's alter ego Jack in The Shining drinks something narcotic that the devilish bartender pours for him, after which he begins to see the dead, etc.  enters the "elite" And, of course, opens his mouth wide from the "happiness" that has fallen.

Kubrick’s alter ego, Jack in The Shining. drinks something narcotic that the devilish bartender pours for him, after which he begins to see the dead, etc. enters the “elite”. And, of course, opens his mouth wide from the “happiness” that has befallen to him.

It all started from the moment he “made a deal with the Devil”, that is, he signed a contract with the US government to direct a staged flight of US astronauts to the moon.

Kubrick was hired for this job after his cult space epic “Odyssey 2001”, where he, working with NASA, showed that he was quite capable of imitating this flight. Kubrick’s handwriting quite shows that this is his work, possibly done in the same pavilion.

James Bond runs across the set where Kubrick appears to be filming The Moon Mission. Frame from the film "007. Diamonds are forever" (1971).

James Bond runs across the set where Kubrick appears to be filming The Moon Mission. Frame from the film “007. Diamonds are forever” (1971).

This deal, of course, solved all his financial problems – he was now able to embody any of his movie fantasies. The only thing he couldn’t do was tell the world the truth about the Moon Scam. The disclosure of this threatened him (and his family too) with inevitable death.

That is why he decided to tell about it in a different way, through the language of artistic symbols. Perhaps, he so wanted to be freed from the heavy burden that tormented his soul.

We are talking here, of course, about his thriller cult movie “The Shining”, which the adherents of the theory of the staged moon landing have long ago dismantled frame by frame, and deciphered the mystical message transmitted to humanity by director Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick’s mystical message about the Moon Scam in The Shining (and also in A Clockwork Orange).

Based on a novel by Stephen King, The Shining is a thriller about writer Jack Torrance (resembling, by the way, Kubrick himself), who decided to get a job as a winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, because the previous caretaker went crazy, killed himself and his two daughters. And so the writer moves there with his wife Wendy and son Danny, who, by the way, also hears voices and sees ghosts.

Jack, Wendy and Danny drive to the Overlook Hotel.

Jack, Wendy and Danny drive to the Overlook Hotel.

This is an unusual hotel, it stands on the “bones of the Indians”, and its owner looks like President Kennedy. In a word, it symbolizes America itself. This hotel is full of ghosts and creepy dead, very reminiscent of the American elite.

And then the whole film is filled with symbols and references to the secret work of Kubrick himself, which also drives him crazy. Here are the most obvious of them.

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First of all, let’s pay attention to the ornament on the carpet and the boy’s sweater with the image of the Apollo 11 rocket.

Launch pad and Denny ("Apollo 11"), symbolizing the launch of the Apollos.

Launch pad and Denny (“Apollo 11”), symbolizing the launch of the Apollo mission.

The carpet, on which the writer’s son Danny Torrance plays with cars and then sees bleeding ghosts, has a pattern with hexagons. As noted by moviegoers, this hexagon resembles the launch pad with which Apollo 11 went into space, and the black strip with cars is an access road with equipment serving the rocket.

Also, Danny wears a sweater with a picture of a rocket and the inscription “Apollo 11”. He himself here, obviously, symbolizes a rocket.

Danny (Apollo 11) meets the Gemeni at the elevator.  Gemini starts from the elevator support.

Danny (Apollo 11) meets the Gemeni at the elevator. Gemini starts from the elevator support.

Danny’s encounter in a sweater with an Apollo 11 poster with the ghosts of the twin sisters killed by the former caretaker (Gemini according to some) reminds just about the Gemini flight program, preceding the Apollo, especially since in the book there are no Stephen King twins.

There is also an Indian ornament in the hotel, symbolizing rocket launches.

And one more thing: in the movie, from time to time, an ornament appears on the wall, similar to images of launching rockets. There is also a scene where Jack throws a ball (moon symbol) at the wall (meaning staged moon launches).

Jack throws the ball at the "Indian Ornament".

Jack throws the ball at the “Indian Ornament”.

Among the decorations in the office of the Kennedy-like hotel manager, you can see the Eagle, the same Eagle is also on Jack Torrance’s T-shirt. This Eagle strongly resembles the emblem of the Apollo 11 lunar mission.

Also, there is an enchanted room number 237 in the hotel, where an ominous ghost lives, suddenly turning from a beautiful and seductive girl into a revived corpse of a half-decomposed woman.

Film The Shining.  Eagles are circled.  A Kennedy-like innkeeper.

“The Shining”. Eagles are circled. A Kennedy-like innkeeper.

According to moviegoers, this room is a symbol of the studio where the filming of the “Moon Mission” took place, and the ghost is a symbol of what the idea of ​​​​the Moon staged landing turned into. Room number 237 recalls the distance to the moon: 237,000 miles.

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In the end, Jack, who has gone mad, instead of a novel, writes endlessly the same phrase on his typewriter: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The first word in this phrase “All” is short for “Apollo 11”.

And in general, as film fans noted, this kind of hints often appear in this film, such as boxes and cans of orange juice, which in the work of Stanley Kubrick (as in “A Clockwork Orange”, 1970) symbolizes the same “Apollo 11”. According to the symbolic struggle shown in the same “A Clockwork Orange” against authoritarian ideology, either with fascism, or with communism, the fake landing started for the sake of defeating it.

By the way, in 2015, according to Stanley Kubrick’s will, his suicide note was posted on the Internet, where he exposes the staged moon landing. Now it has been carefully cleaned from the Internet, and is being exposed as a fake.

Stanley Kubrick was dragged by the will of fate into the quagmire of the “staged moon landing”, then directed all his work to exposing the rotten power of the elites, which pushes people to the moral abyss this killing the soul. A process already deadly for humanity.


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