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NASA is in possession of photographs showing access doors to “underground structures” on Mars

NASA is in possession of photographs showing access doors to "underground structures" on Mars 35

According to UFO researchers, there are access doors to connected underground structures on Mars. Are these alien bases or gateways to human colonies on Mars? Well, these images that we show you, come from the Rover Curiosity where they are clearly visible, what appear to be access points to Martian structures.

Ancient Alien On Mars1121

One of these accesses to the Martian subsoil could be the mysterious “anomaly” photographed by the Rover Curiosity, and this image could be a surprising discovery. In one of the many high resolution photographs, documented precisely by the Mars Rover Curiosity which is located near Mount Sharp, you can observe a mysterious dome-shaped object, visible against the background of the photograph (see NASA photo) taken from the NASA-JPL website.

In a series of elaborations carried out on the image, it seems that under this “dome” there are (and are quite visible) like openings or windows, which are arranged along the circumference of the same dome. Is this an ancient alien artifact found on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover or an access door to an underground base?

Ancient Alien On Mars1123

Ancient Alien On Mars1122

Could the artifact represent the remains of a Martian outpost or, possibly, the upper half of a partially buried aircraft, which was photographed by the rover while observing and probing the Martian surface? Below we show the video uploaded on the You Tube channel of Paranormal Crucibe, where the anomaly (or access dome with alien base) elaborated graphically is shown.

These possible structures seem to have been built by aliens, who perhaps want to hide their presence from any visitors from other planets. The images showing the alleged alien structures, also discovered on Google Earth / Mars, were published on YouTube by Sandra Elena Andrade on December 2, 2015.

However, some sources report that the mysterious structures were originally discovered by some anomaly hunters such as Marcelo Irazusta, who said he had taken over some structures, despite NASA’s efforts to hide the images using Photoshop software. According to UFO researcher Scott Waring, the photo visible in the video shows the carefully hidden entrance of a huge underground base for alien spaceships.

NASA is in possession of photographs showing access doors to "underground structures" on Mars 36

Although the UFO hunter Dahboo77, who posted the video below, claims that some of the structures still seem to have aliens occupying the base. Waring, on the other hand, believes that it is probable that the underground secret structures, which are located in the coordinates 45 ° 57’03.88 “N 23 ° 32’27.16”, may have been abandoned by the aliens who built them in the past and which should serve as an ideal location, for the first human settlement on Mars.

NASA is in possession of photographs showing access doors to "underground structures" on Mars 37

Skywatcher Dahboo777 has expressed enthusiasm for the discovery and gets angry with NASA that does nothing but hide evidence of alien life on Mars. According to him, it would have been impossible for NASA to pretend that a huge underground entrance to Mars could be just a rock formation or … a simple shadow. He insists that this recent evidence is very clear and undeniable.

Whenever there is a sensational discovery made on Mars, the thing is ridiculed by saying that it is a rock or a shadow! Repeatedly. They try to find excuses for the objects discovered on the surface of the red planet.

He also criticized the skeptics who support NASA’s Cover-Up policy, namely, that of hiding the truth about Aliens and UFOs, as well as the presence of ancient civilizations and archaeological finds on Mars, reinventing ingenious excuses to end the story on photographic and video evidence relating to the extraterrestrial visit to Earth and other planets in the solar system.


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