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Mysterious glowing object spotted in the skies of North Dakota

Alien hunter Scott Waring has posted a jaw-dropping video showing a bright circular object seemingly suspended in the North Dakota sky.

The video was shot in Fargo (North Dakota, USA) on January 9 by a local citizen, who was fascinated by the unusual shape of the mysterious entity and the light it radiated. The witness shared the clip with Mutual UFO Network UFOs (MUFON), which studies UFO sightings.

The video shows the object transforming from a fireball into a pearl necklace-like structure as the camera zooms in, prompting viewers to speculate on a potential Martian visitor.

Scott Waring, fascinated by the sighting, shared the clip on his YouTube channel UFO Sighting Journal.

Look this!!. This is truly extraordinary Scott said, also suggesting on his blog that the video shows a UFO landing on Earth.


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