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Has the date of the beginning of the Great War become known?

Has the date of the beginning of the Great War become known? 31

As readers and visitors to many other sites and forums have noticed more than once, in the past few months people around the world have started to have some alarming dreams, sometimes even wild and crazy – atomic war, asteroid rain, invasion of zombies, etc. Is this related to approaching something like that, or is someone inspiring these people?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, however, it can be assumed that if the world is waiting for a war, it means that if not all people on Earth, then many people are somehow being informed about it by some prophetic dreams.

A few days ago, one of the participants in the discussion in he shared a dream with the interlocutors, which he rightly called prophetic. Since in this prophetic dream we are talking about the approximate date of the beginning of the Third World War, we offer it to the attention of our readers. So:

Good day all, I normally keep this stuff to myself as it’s usually along the lines of Deja Vu, but as most of it is lining up with current events I figured I’d throw it up here. Take it as you will.

About the beginning or middle of last year I had an unusual dream. It lasted the entire night. It ran in chronological order and after each set I woke up. After going back to sleep the dream picked back up at where it left off.

At the beginning or the middle of last year, I had an unusual dream. It lasted all night. It ran in chronological order and after each series I woke up. After going back to sleep, the dream started where it left off.

The dream:

I was getting out of a vehicle and walking towards a large, long building. I was walking through the parking lot towards him. A woman approached me and showed me a box or frame with something important that I needed to see. I couldn’t find out what it was. The moment froze and it was explained to me that what was on the board was not important. The moment was the image I needed to remember. That moment of being in this parking lot, outside this building, with this woman presenting a frame or box for me to observe, was a signal for me to know that the events that would follow were about to begin. I woke up and went back to sleep.

I will make an observation that this event took place in October last year, 2019. I was taking a Class A driving course (equivalent to CNH of category E in Brazil) and drove the truck to the DMV (Detran USA) parking lot for test. I got out and started walking towards the building when the instructor came out and found me in the parking lot and presented me with a box of paper clips for me to read. That moment clicked and I remembered the dream and knew it was that moment that I had seen.

Back to the dream. I was shown a series of events in succession as I was taken through the streets. People roamed the streets in protest and bewilderment. The elderly were removed from society and placed in homes that were now banned for any young person. Nobody could come in and see them. Crowds of people gathered around these houses demanding access, but were denied. Resources have become scarce and a conflict has arisen between young and old. The elderly argued that they should receive some of the few resources, as they themselves could not obtain them due to their difficult situation. The youth argued that all resources should be given to them alone, as they were the future and had to survive. This is the second time I woke up.

After falling asleep, a voice spoke to me and said that Cannabis would be decriminalized at the federal level. I was told that this was the second marker that I should observe. When that happened, it would be the beginning of the great war. I was told that this war, unlike the others, would not be over land, money or religious ideologies, but the struggle between young and old. After that, I woke up.

Upon returning to sleep, I saw the figure of a woman as a warrior in a field of fire and conflict. She said that every night she would return to the battlefield.

Given the recent events, I thought about sharing. I don’t fully understand the whole fight between young and old causing a war, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

This dream is now being discussed in various forums, as in the summer of 2020 (in the northern hemisphere) a bill was put to the vote in the U.S. Senate to legalize marijuana at the federal level – now it can only be smoked in some states . The vote was scheduled for September 18, but when September 18 arrived, the Senate moved the vote to “post-election”. Thus, the third and most important part coincided with the dream prophecy.

Only the story about young and old is not very clear. Some see this as a fight against a pandemic, during which elderly people in many countries have actually been locked up in their homes. There is also an opinion that this part of the dream is allegorical. That is, the elderly are conservative, republicans and the young are liberal and democratic, or, the elderly are the West and the United States and the young are the newly created China.

The author of the post finds it difficult to interpret. Even so, a 2/3 dream has come true and its last third is the legalization of marijuana in the USA.

Once the bill is voted on, will the Great War begin?



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