The universe  is an unsolvable mystery to us. In the 21st century, for example, we still have no answer to one of the main questions of mankind: is there an extraterrestrial life on other planets?

While astronomers have long received mysterious signals from distant stars. These are the so-called fast radio bursts (FRB), which appear temporarily and always by chance, which makes them not only practically impossible for a targeted search, but also difficult to study. The secret lies in the fact that it is not yet known how such a short and at the same time strong radio signal is called. 

This circumstance led some experts to suggest that such signals can be born from colliding stars, although it is possible that they are artificially created messages.

The first FRB was discovered (rather, “heard”) by radio telescopes back in 2001, but it was not thoroughly studied until 2007, only then scientists analyzed the archived data and encountered this strange phenomenon. The signal itself was so temporary and seemingly random that it took astronomers years to admit that this was not a technical malfunction in one of the telescope’s instruments. But now astronomers have recognized that all recorded FRBs follow the established pattern, so they may well be of artificial origin.

Set Signals

Astronomers have identified the first installed model of a fast burst of radio at a distance of 500 million light-years from us, but they still do not know what causes this phenomenon. The signal passes for several milliseconds once an hour, and so every hour for four days. Then silence for twelve days before the 16-day cycle resumes. This is the first time that astronomers have discovered the FRB pattern, but its causes are only speculative. The pattern was recorded after 400 days of observation by researchers from the Canadian CHIME project.

Scientists of Canada ruled out alien communication, as they believe: 16 days, and even for such a short message – all this would be inappropriate and ineffective in this regard. In addition, some of these radio bursts found on Earth are unique, come from a truly random space and are never repeated. Now, CHIME astronomers, who have so far refused to comment on their discovery, have proved that when studying the FRB 180916 pattern, everything happened very differently, it constantly repeats itself.

This is very important, said Duncan Lorimer, an astrophysicist at the University of West Virginia, through the science journal Science News. Potentially, we will need a lot of time and, possibly, serious scientific research to get to the bottom of the causes of repeated radio signals.

No explanation has yet been found, but astronomers suggest that this may be because the source of the mysterious FRB is in orbit.

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Such a periodicity, if confirmed, will be the first indirect evidence indicating a very likely reasonable orbital movement, said Bing Zhang of the University of Nevada in an interview with New Scientist.

Scientists do not yet know whether a repeating signal is an anomaly or a norm, but this is proved only by one: for several years they searched for radio bursts incorrectly, that is, randomness in their appearance was the basis of the search. However, today’s discovery will allow them to reduce the volume of their search.

Leon Oostrum of the Dutch Institute of Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) told New Scientist: it’s not yet known what causes these signals, but we know very well the reasons that cannot give rise to them, which means that the approach to the truth is still outlined. If these are even artificial signals, then they are very far from our understanding and understanding of what they should be. They are too short-term and with huge interruptions. From our point of view, it is almost impossible to transmit any semantic information through such signals, for this it would take millennia. But … this is only from the point of view of earthly logic …

Extraterrestrial origin

Since some scientists do not even want to make the assumption that the origin of the FRB 180916 pattern may be alien, CHIME researchers did not disclose all the intricacies of their discovery and impose their opinion on this matter. In turn, physicists from Harvard University suggested that these fast radio bursts could be evidence of the extraterrestrial technology of interstellar motion of the ship when a “mole hole” is created that allows you to instantly travel vast distances.

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The famous theoretical physicist Avi Loeb from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics explained that bursts during the “curvature” of the temporal-spatial continuum can produce parameters corresponding to the FRB. For example, just taking this principle of space travel as a basis, NASA scientists said that it was possible to “fly” to Mars in just three days. That’s why the FRB 180916 pattern may seem artificial and at the same time have nothing to do with the transfer of information and desire of extraterrestrial civilizations to contact us or someone else in the big space.