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Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will line up in the sky to form a “Happy Face”

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will line up in the sky to form a "Happy Face" 31

Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon will line up in the sky to form a “Happy Face.” (Referential). Courtesy: BBC Radio Tees / Twitter

At a time when humanity is suffering from the scourge of a pandemic that is relentlessly spreading, we need good news, and one of them will hopefully be arriving from heaven in a few weeks.

Precisely, in a few weeks we will witness a show like no other in heaven, nothing more and nothing less than a rare planet alignment next to the Moon, which will form a “smiling face” looking at us.

It’s about the planets Venus and Jupiter that will form a curious view next to the Moon, giving the appearance of a ‘happy face‘. Although it is a rare celestial phenomenon it has already been seen on previous occasions (in Asia in 2008 and in North America in 2012), but it is not so easy to come across something like this, and even less at times when we need a positive event to occur.

Astronomers call this upcoming event “concealment“, Which occurs when the crescent Moon is located between Venus and Earth. Due to this alignment of planets, people in certain parts of the world will be able to observe a smiling face in the sky, and in other locations it will be possible to observe the same phenomenon, but in reverse.

The majestic event may be witnessed from North America on May 16 (2020), although with a short duration. It is expected that from cities such as New York and Hong Kong it may be possible to observe it, depending on the climate of that day and light pollution.

For the inhabitants of North America this heavenly event will come as a sign of hope from the cosmos and as a message that adversities will be overcome.

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The surest thing about all this is that privileged viewers will have a smile drawn on their faces that night. Do not miss it!

Although it may be appreciated with the naked eye, if you can use a telescope or binoculars it will be much better. And don’t forget to take pictures, it will remain for the memory! I remember how the universe encourages us to go on, and tells us to put a better face on problems.


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