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This October the World Reset begins according to Jordan Maxwell

This October the World Reset begins according to Jordan Maxwell 31
Edwin Hooper, Unsplash

What will happen this October? Is the end near? According to Jordan Maxwell it is a reality to prepare. This is his opinion, his message and what is happening.

“If it seems to you that we are wrong now …

He hopes you see what will happen in October.

October will be the month that you will not forget in life.

In that month something horrible, something really horrible and terrible is going to happen on Earth.

And it is preparing at the moment but we do not see it.

We Americans don’t know.

People have not the faintest idea what is happening.

And it will happen in October.

What is going to happen will affect the entire Earth completely.

It’s going to be what 9/11 was for New York.

October will be like 9/11 for the whole world.

So just remember that it was Jordan Maxwell who warned you about October 2020 … “


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