There is a recent theory that in one of the Saturn Moons there is a huge structure left behind by an extraterrestrial civilization. It is possible that this structure was built by the famous alien race Anunnaki.

Titan is the name of this small planet. The structure you will see in the video below is about 300 miles high.

After long analyzes, many researchers have come to the conclusion that this structure could not occur naturally.

It is an artificial structure created more than surely by a race of aliens.

Titan is the satellite of the planet Saturn. This satellite is almost completely frozen.

Titan’s atmosphere is full of organic molecules and this makes the study of the surface extremely difficult.

Scientists have discovered on Titan an unprecedented structure on other planets so far. They called it Doom Mons. The name comes from Mount Doom in the movie “Lord of the Rings”.

What do you think about this bizarre structure? Could this be just a naturally occurring formation?

I personally believe that this is an artificial structure created many years ago by a race of aliens who were in possession of a very advanced technology.

Watch the following video and see for yourself: